the politics of surrender

I’ve become more and more convinced that the greatest threat to civilisation comes not from the Left, but from “moderate” conservatives. Conservatives who are prepared to compromise their principles.

The culture wars cannot be won by a policy of retreat. No war can be won by a policy of retreat. When conservatives allow the Left to control the political agenda defeat becomes inevitable. Surrendering the initiative is a guarantee of defeat.

Unfortunately conservative political leaders worldwide have retreated so far already that any further retreat is tantamount to surrender.

Gay marriage is one excellent example. When you’re prepared to compromise so far as to accept the liberal argument that homosexuality is natural and healthy then you leave yourself with no grounds on which to oppose gay marriage, and no grounds to oppose any sexual behaviour whatsoever.

When a policy of compromise is pursued on issues such as imaginary climate change then, once again, ultimate surrender is the only possible end result.

Choosing “moderate” conservatives is always a fatal choice. Conservatives need to regain the initiative, and it’s important to remember that the best defence is always a good offence.


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