Can We Trust the BBC?

Can We Trust the BBC? is Robin Aiken’s devastating expose of leftist bias at the BBC. Of course every thinking person already knew the BBC could not be trusted, but Aiken provides the evidence from the inside.

Aiken worked at the BBC for many years and he gives us the inside dirt on the systematic and institutionalised bias. The bias is not merely unconscious, a product of the silly left-wing ideologies that journalists seem to be drawn to, it is calculated and deliberate. A political agenda is being pushed shamelessly and ruthlessly.

The vindictiveness with which political opponents are pursued by the BBC is one of the more terrifying aspects of the book.

Most worrying of all perhaps has been the unwillingness of conservative governments in Britain to confront this problem.

The parallels between the BBC and Australia’s ABC are all too obvious, an all too depressing.

Highly recommended.


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