life in the People’s Republic of Australia

Here in the People’s Republic of Australia our great and glorious government has just made an appalling discovery. Apparently under existing media ownership laws it is still legal for non-Labor supporters to buy shares in newspapers. But People’s Commissar for Communications and Propaganda Steven Conroy intends to take action immediately to close this loophole.

Meanwhile People’s Commissar for the Arts Simon Crean is concerned that artists are not doing enough to celebrate the achievements of the Great Leader Julia Gillard. In particular they need to devote more attention to praising the Five Year Plan to create the National Broadband Network. This project, founded on sound Marxist principles of centralised state planning, will represent a Great Leap Forward for internet users in Australia.

Artists can be expected to respond enthusiastically. Artists have never responded any other way to the prospect of more handouts from the taxpayer.


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