Islam and the Left – a doomed marriage

The bizarre alliance between the radical Left and extremist Islam has been greeted with a mixture of despair and amazement by intelligent observers.

The feature that has excited the most wonder has been of course the combination of hypocrisy and self-loathing exhibited by the Leftists.

The strangest element of all however is the truly astonishing inability of the Left to grasp the blindingly obvious fact that from Islam’s point of view this alliance is strictly temporary. In the short term it guarantees virtually unlimited immigration for Muslims into western countries and virtually unlimited welfare payments when they get there, so they can concentrate on planning the jihad without the annoying distraction of having to work for a living.

Once the Muslim populations of western nations reach a certain critical mass the Left will be in for a very rude shock. Leftist parties will find their support among Muslims suddenly vanishing. Muslims will turn to purely Islamic political parties along the lines of the Muslim Brotherhood and other even more extreme Islamist parties. There are already Islamic political parties in some European countries. Do leftists seriously believe that in the long term Muslims will continue to support parties that push the left-wing agendas of atheism, radical feminism, liberalisation of drug laws, abortion and gay marriage?

Leftists truly do live in a dream world.


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