easy ways to cut spending

There’s major concern throughout the western world at ballooning national debts and budget deficits. Australia has considerable problems in this area. And yet there are so many simple ways that government spending could be cut.

More than a billion dollars is spent each year on our Soviet-style state broadcasting network, the ABC. Why on earth are taxpayers funding this bloated dinosaur? Why not turn it into a subscription-only service so that the handful of people who want to watch the ABC can pay for the privilege? Or if they can find corporate sponsors silly enough to want to sponsor programs that nobody watches then it could be funded that way. The important thing is that the taxpayer should not be paying a cent towards its upkeep.

In 2010-11 the Australia Council merrily gave away $163 million in grants to the arts. If artists and artistic companies cannot survive without grants then clearly they are selling a product that the public does not want. It is simply a form of welfare for artists and other “creative” people. Here is another easy way for the government to save money. As for those “creative” people currently living off the taxpayer, they could always get real jobs.

Australia wastes around $250 million annually on programs to fight “climate change” and other environmentalist nonsense in Third World countries. Since it’s now obvious that man-made climate change is a fraud and a scam, there’s another $250 million that can be saved.

To be honest I’d question whether any of the $4.8 billion we give in “foreign aid” is actually worthwhile.


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