Islamicisation from within and the moral squalor of the west

The alienation of men from Christianity is but one of the factors that threatens to give Islam a dangerous appeal in the western world. The other major factor is the general atmosphere of moral squalor of the modern west.

When academics blithely discuss the killing of inconvenient babies and describe it as merely “after-birth abortion” it is clear that the process of moral decline is well advanced. The weasel-like attempts of the “ethicists” concerned to argue that they were merely playing hypothetical intellectual games are irrelevant. They have put infanticide on the political agenda. The push for homosexual “civil unions” has led inevitably to the push for homosexual “marriage” and the acceptance of abortion must lead just as inevitably to the idea that it is acceptable for all inconvenient persons to be “terminated.” So the west slides even further into the moral slime.

There is also feminism’s war on women. Feminism rejects not just traditional femininity but any manifestation whatsoever of femaleness. Feminists want to be men and they want to turn all women into men. Yet another “ethicist” has suggested that pregnancy must be abolished because it is sexist.

So where does this leave women who actually want to be women? Again the danger is that Islam may seem to be the only viable alternative.

In a society where sexual perversion is merely a lifestyle choice, where criminals are treated as the victims, where human life has no value if it is “inconvenient” it is surely only a matter of time before huge numbers of men and women go looking for an alternative. That alternative may turn out to be a very dangerous alternative indeed.


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