gay marriage, the gay agenda and the swinging voters

The gay lobby is fond of telling us that sexuality isn’t a choice. It’s become one of their key arguments in favour of homosexual “marriage” and it’s a major justification for their aggressive pursuit of the entire LGBTI (and whatever other letters have been added this week) agenda, particularly pro-homosexual propaganda in schools.

The truth of course is that human behaviour, including sexuality and “gender identity,” is much too complex to be reduced to such cut-and-dried terms. Maybe some people are born with an inherent propensity to such behaviour but cultural factors unquestionably play a role as well. That’s why the cultural marxists are so interested in this issue.

I’ve certainly met women who have become lesbians for political reasons, and I’ve met women who have later either become bored with the tediousness and hatred of political lesbianism or have simply realised they were living a lie, and then became heterosexual. For male homosexuals the “we were simply born this way” argument may apply to the majority, but for women sexuality certainly can be a choice. Indeed sexuality is one of the many areas in which men and women are quite different (despite strident feminist propaganda to the contrary).

There may be people who are and always will be either homosexual or heterosexual, just as there are people who are and always will be either supporters of left-wing political parties or right-wing parties. But in the middle there is a large pool of swinging voters. The ones who get counted in opinion polls as “undecided”. Politics is all about winning those swinging voters. And it’s reasonable to assume that the gay lobby works the same way. They want those swinging voters, or in this case those who are sexually “undecided.”

This is especially true of political lesbians. Political lesbianism is very much a proselytising religion.

Anyone who is young and/or confused and/or troubled is vulnerable to the appeal of finding a group to belong to. Teenagers are quite rightly regarded as being extremely vulnerable to peer pressure. Those who fall into that “undecided” category are vulnerable to pro-homosexual propaganda. Just as they are vulnerable to any kind of propaganda. That’s why the cultural marxists always regarded taking control of education as a very high priority indeed. And sadly they have succeeded. What passes for a school system in most western countries today is little more than a political indoctrination system. Our universities are even worse.

With celebrities making homosexuality or bisexuality seem glamorous and exciting teenagers are even more at risk. Celebrity trash have played a large part in the spread of other self-destructive behaviours such as drug-taking.

I’m not arguing that sexuality is always a choice but for some people it is, or can be. Just as “gender identity” can be a choice for those who are confused and vulnerable. That’s the danger of the homosexual agenda.


One comment on “gay marriage, the gay agenda and the swinging voters

  1. jaxxen says:

    Spot on the money. I agree entirely.

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