why the arts community is so important

NSW taxpayers are no doubt currently overjoyed that their government is flushing down the toilet wisely investing more millions of their hard-earned dollars in grants to the arts community. About another $15 million. Including $91,600 to the De Quincey Company Ltd, a group of parasitical drones artistic visionaries who have given the world such important works as this:

Now I know that to you it might just look like a clown with his head inside a rubbish bin but it’s actually making an important statement about….something. No-one knows what, but it’s undoubtedly a highly significant statement. Because, you know, it’s art.

And to think that governments used to fritter away public money on unimportant trifles like roads, schools and hospitals. While the arts languished. Creative individuals with important things to say were unable to do so because they couldn’t get the funding to buy rubbish bins. Now thanks to the government’s stupidity visionary policies thousands more worthless arty spongers artists will be able to afford rubbish bins so they can express themselves.

Of course some of those taxpayers may feel like expressing themselves in slightly different terms about all this but that just shows the mindless philistinism the arts community has to deal with (poor darlings). If those taxpayers all had the benefits of arts degrees they’d see at once just how much the arts community contributes to this country. Without the arts community where would we find people to stick their heads inside rubbish bins?

Rubbish bins are a vital creative tool. They express so much. In fact they express rather neatly the value of the arts community.


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