my mirror blog

Just letting people know that given the increasingly hostile climate on the internet towards bloggers who don’t toe the politically correct line I have a mirror of this blog at WordPress. I think it’s an increasingly bad idea to have all your blogging eggs in one basket, so to speak. The leftist campaign against freedom of speech is gathering momentum in Australia but the biggest danger is internet corporations that practise “self-censorship” by caving in to pressure from lobby groups that whine about “offensive content” – and we should never forget that the Left regards anything that contradicts their political line as offensive.

This sort of covert political censorship is going to become more and more common as the Left becomes more and more aggressive and more and more determined to crush dissent, so I urge anyone who has a conservative blog to consider setting up a mirror blog at another site. It’s quite easy to do – it’s very simple indeed for example to import your Blogger content to a WordPress blog.

My WordPress blog can be found here.

I will of course continue to blog as actively here as before. It’s just an insurance policy.

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