a free market in education

It appears that the new conservative government in NSW may follow Victoria’s lead in introducing a “student entitlement” system for vocational training which allows people to choose either the public system or private colleges. 
This sounds like an excellent plan. If the state-run colleges cannot compete in a free market with private colleges then they have no right to survive.
Predictably teaching unions are up in arms, which merely confirms the excellence of the plan. Real educational reform will not be possible until the power of the teaching unions is broken, and this seems like a positive first step.
Personally I think it should be extended to school education, with an end to direct funding of state schools. Instead give parents vouchers so they can choose either public or private schools. If the public school system finds itself without pupils and therefore without funding then perhaps the teachers might consider a move towards actual education rather than political indoctrination. 

A true free market in education would surely be better than the present system.

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