the green nazis’ plans for humanity

This is the chilling future the green nazis have in mind for us. We will be expected to embrace the idea of living lives of poverty, filth and misery, without heating and with very little food. And we will be expected to welcome this as a good thing. We must all reduce our “ecological footprint” to the level of the poorest nations on Earth. And the poor nations must resign themselves to remaining poor for ever, in the interests of “biodiversity.”

This is the agenda of the hardline eco-fascist World Wildlife Fund. What they are planning is nothing less  than the greatest crime against humanity in human history. This is evil on a scale the Nazis could only dream of. They intend to take away all hope from the human species. This is a hate crime, make no mistake about it.


losing touch with our cultural traditions

The de-christianisation of society has other results other than the obvious ones – it’s also one of the reasons people today are so disconnected from the western cultural tradition. It’s not just that Christians are in a minority; many people today know nothing whatever about Christianity. You can’t appreciate Renaissance painting or 16th century English poetry if you have no idea who the figures in biblical paintings are, or if you have no concept of what things like grace mean.

I’m not suggesting that one has to be a Christian or that one can only appreciate our art and our literature if one is a Christian, but de-christianisation has now progressed so far that many people are not even familiar with the Bible as literature. And the King James version of the Bible is great literature, whether you’re a believer or not.

Of course the churches haven’t helped by substituting new translations for the KJV, translations that remove all the poetry and beauty.

This is a double victory for the cultural Marxists, since by alienating people from their cultural heritage you alienate them their history and from their traditions.

And anyone who’s read their Orwell knows the State doesn’t want us to know our own history.

health is the new morality

There was a time when the measure of morality was sexual behaviour, getting married and raising kids, being honest and generally treating people decently. Now the measure of morality is physical health.

If you’re obese, or even overweight, that’s seen as somehow immoral. If you don’t conform to some nonsensical body mass index you’re a bad person. If you don’t exercise you’re wicked. If, God forbid, you drink alcohol and smoke cigarettes (both perfectly legal activities) you’re beyond the Pale. Even smoking in the open air is now immoral.

If you eat cheeseburgers and fries instead of tofu and mung beans, and drink coffee instead of carrot juice, you’re committing health-crime. It’s regarded in the same way that sexual deviance was regarded in the 50s. Pretty soon you’ll have to buy your cheeseburger in a plain brown wrapper and sneak it home to eat in private so no-one will witness your perverted behaviour.

Even worse we are increasingly prepared to let the government tell us what we should eat and when we should exercise. Leftists love this idea because it’s all about control and it gives the government more power. And it provides opportunities for new bureaucracies to  be set up. Bureaucracies that will be inefficient, wasteful, intrusive and totally unnecessary – everything the Left loves.

Of course as with anything the Left embraces with enthusiasm there’s always an anti-capitalist agenda in there somewhere. In this case it’s the hysteria about fast food. Leftists hate fast food because it’s fast, convenient, cheap, nourishing and it tastes good. Fast food companies make money because they’re efficient and they give customers what they want. That goes against everything the Left stands for. Fast food is great for families and the Left is not exactly big on the idea of families.

There’s a reason why there’s a Burger King but no Tofu King. It’s because burgers taste great while tofu tastes like cardboard. Eating a burger is enjoyable so it must be bad. The Nanny State should do something about this. And it will. If we let it. And it appears that we will.

Patrick J. Buchanan’s The Death of the West

The Death of the West Even among conservatives Patrick J. Buchanan is a somewhat controversial figure but his 2002 book The Death of the West is a pretty good account of how our civilisation is being destroyed from within.
Demographic collapse and massive Third World immigration are the most obvious threats but Buchanan also takes aim at the climate of political correctness and the self-hatred of liberal elites.
He provides a good rundown on the long history of cultural marxism which is of course the real key to the decline of our civilisation. Also in his sights are modernist artists with their agenda of misery, ugliness, degradation and hared of the West (an agenda shared by modern Hollywood).
Unusually (and pleasingly) for a book of this type Buchanan includes some tips on how to fight back.

first they came for the bloggers…

The Thought Police in Britain are now pursuing bloggers who do outrageous things like expressing support for heterosexual marriage, which ironically happens to be the law of the land. It’s another attack on what little remains of freedom of speech. Freedom of speech has aleady gone by the board in Australia as evidenced by the persecution of Andrew Bolt. Now it seems that Britain is going down the same slippery slope.

girls, bullying and feminism

Melanie Phillips has an interesting article up on girls and bullying. While it’s fashionable to blame facebook I personally suspect the real culprit is feminism which has given us angry hate-filled women who are just looking for someone or something to lash out at because they’ve been brainwashed into seeing themselves as perennial victims.

race is whatever liberals want it to mean

Sarah Maid of Albion has an excellent post on Reassigning Races – the way both government and the media are desperately trying to cover up the true extent of crime committed by ethnic minorities. Just turn the ethnic minorities into whites when they commit crimes. We can’t have people thinking that Designated Victim Groups might actually be the perpetrators rather than the victims of crime.