Victims of Communism Day

If you’re a communist May Day is a day for celebration. If you’re a decent human being on the other hand then it’s more appropriate to join Ilya Somin in renaming it Victims of Communism Day. A day to remember the 80 to 100 million people killed by communism.

It’s even more appropriate since this evil ideology is not dead. Far from it. It has simply gone under cover. It has adopted a number of disguises. The communist threat is as real as ever but today the threat comes from communist and Trotskyist fronts like the Occupy Wall Street movement and the “green” movement. The threat comes from the cultural marxists in our schools and universities, in our governments and our bureaucracy, and in the mainstream media. Communism is more dangerous than ever.

Their agenda has not changed. Their use of apparently innocuous front organisations has not changed.


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