another good news day

It looks like the beginning of the end for Australia’s premier whining leftist newspapers, with both The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age to become tabloids. And they may cease publication altogether in the near future. So it’s all good news today!

And it’s not just 1900 jobs that will go – many of the job cuts will be in the editorial area. Some of the luvvies will now have to get jobs in the real world.

the end of national sovereignty

There are few threats facing our civilisation that are more serious that the erosion of national sovereignty.

Not that ordinary people would ever be dumb enough to do such a thing. It is our elected representatives willingly signing away our freedoms to monstrous multi-national entities like the United Nations and the European Union. In the case of the UN, to a completely unelected and unaccountable body.

The mystery is, why would any politician be stupid enough to do something like this? We expect our politicians to be cynical, but not stupid. And yet they are happily signing away their own powers.

In the case of the US they are signing away powers to a body that is not only corrupt and unaccountable, but violently and fanatically anti-US.

In Australia it comes as no surprise to find the far-left loonies of the Greens being in the forefront of this move. We expect the Greens to be motivated by hatred of their own country. It becomes really worrying when mainstream political parties do the same thing.

This is nothing short of treason. There is no other word for it.