Kumbaya Christianity

Atheism is a failed belief system. It fails because it is ultimately unsatisfying. It provides no hope, no inspiration and no moral foundation for society. At both the personal and social levels it is a failure.

Unfortunately if you happen to live anywhere outside the United States that doesn’t leave you with much of a choice. I have always despised the practice of borrowing the spirituality of other cultures. That is equally unsatisfying.

That only leaves Christianity. But in Australia, as in most of the West, the dominant strand of Christianity today is a wishy-washy Kumbaya Christianity. The mainstream churches, without exception, have made so many compromises with secularism that they are no longer recognisably Christian. What they have to offer is Christianity watered down to make it acceptable to non-Christians. Even worse, it is Christianity watered down to make it acceptable to anti-Christians. It is a Christianity that has embraced political correctness and that has adopted all of the assumptions that underlie the dominant belief system of today, secular socialism. It is warm and fuzzy and non-threatening, but it is not Christianity.

Part of the problem is that modern church leaders seem to be embarrassed by the Old Testament. The Old Testament cannot be made politically correct, so they simply ignore it. The danger of ignoring the Old Testament is that you end up with a religion that is unbalanced. The New Testament is too easily interpreted as a vaguely spiritual form of socialism. That is not the message that Christ delivered, but by cherry-picking the New Testament you can come up with an interpretation that politically correct Marxists will accept, and that is what has been done.

Modern church leaders feed us platitudes about tolerance and diversity, the same platitudes we get from our politicians. This is not Christianity. Christianity is uncompromising in the duties it enjoins upon believers, duties that are not compatible with today’s secular society. Christianity does not say it’s OK to be gay. In fact it says the opposite. Christianity does not say that adultery is OK. Jesus may have offered forgiveness to the woman taken in adultery, but he also told her to go and sin no more. He did not tell her it was acceptable to continue in her sin.

Sin is another big problem for modern churches. It makes them very uncomfortable. The very idea of sin implies that there are moral rules, and that upsets anyone who is committed to moral relativism, diversity and modern notions of tolerance.

Kumbaya Christianity is doomed to failure. It is doomed to go on compromising with the Left until it becomes entirely indistinguishable from secular socialism.


One comment on “Kumbaya Christianity

  1. Gossip Girl says:

    Amen – so glad someone else can see this!

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