the South African disaster

Anyone who still clings to the fantasy that majority rule in South Africa ushered in an era of peace, prosperity, reconciliation and all-round good feelings under the wise and benevolent leadership of the great Nelson Mandela needs to read Ilana Mercer’s book Into the Cannibal’s Pot.
Mercer’s father was a noted anti-apartheid campaigner who saw his dream of peace and freedom for the country turn to ashes.
The grand experiment in democracy and freedom has of course been an unmitigated disaster. South Africa had been a First World country and is now well on the way to becoming another Third World hell-hole like Zimbabwe (another dream of starry-eyed western idealists that became a nightmare).
The problem is the stubborn insistence by the United States that democracy is an unqualified good thing that must be imposed on every country on the planet, whether it is wanted by that country or not. What western liberals refuse to accept that in any country that is divided along ethnic, tribal or religious lines democracy simply cannot work. Democracy in such cases will be the destroyer of freedom.
This has of course been the case in South Africa. Political allegiance is essentially a matter of tribal allegiance. The result is that the African National Congress is guaranteed of victory in every election. This is reinforced by the ANC’s very effective methods of getting the vote out. Those who don’t wish to vote for the ANC know the price they will pay for disobedience. They are likely to become acquainted with the charming cultural practice of “necklacing” – having a petrol-filled rubber tyre placed over their upper body and then set on fire. This is democracy in post-apartheid South Africa. 
With the ANC having achieved what is in practice if not in theory a one-party state any other ethnic group can forget about their political rights. The Zulus make up around 20 percent of the population. They vote along tribal lines as well, for the Inkatha Freedom Party. They might as well not bother. Along with the whites and other minorities they have no chance of ever gaining any share of political power.
Of course the ANC does have some achievements to its credit. South Africa leads the world in murder and rape.
The frightening thing, as Mercer points out, is that the ANC doesn’t even need to hide its failures. They know that the tame western media simply won’t report those failures. The western media will continue to assure us that all is sweetness and light.

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