a truly bizarre alliance

If you want evidence of the deep irrationality that pervades the world today you have only to look at Jewish responses to the rise of nationalist parties in Europe.
For example, this bizarre story in the Jerusalem Post – 

Stupidity on this scale simply defies belief. The Jews are to serve the role of useful idiots, helping to keep parties of the Left in power, parties that are committed to aiding and abetting the Islamification of Europe. And they have somehow convinced themselves that this will end well for them? They genuinely believe that this will make Moslems well-disposed towards them?
From the Moslem point of view it’s a clever short-term strategy. Anything that helps to keep left-leaning parties in power will allow them to continue to build up their numbers until they are in a position to consolidate their invasion of Europe. After that they will turn on those leftist parties and their treatment of the Jews will become even more savage than it already is. 
It’s a classic case of learning the wrong lessons from history. The Nazis were right-wing, therefore all right-wingers must be Nazis. This conveniently ignores the fact that the Nazis were not right-wing. National Socialism was an ideology of the Left. 
It also ignores the fact that the new European nationalist parties are the only ones prepared to take a stand against religious violence, which makes them in reality natural allies of the Jews. 
Most Jews however seem to be incapable of understanding that Europeans have a right to be nationalists, just as Israel has a right to be a nationalist state. The most dangerous enemy of European nationalism is Islam, just as the most dangerous enemy of the Jews is Islam.
It makes one wonder if Jews are really as smart as we’ve been led to believe.

One comment on “a truly bizarre alliance

  1. jewamongyou says:

    Yes, I've been saying this for years. The danger from right-wing radicals pales in comparison to the danger from Muslims.

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