cultural marxist science

No sane person doubts that cultural marxism is now the ruling ideology of our society. The cultural marxist agenda was firstly to take control of education and the mass media. That objective was achieved decades ago. What was more unexpected was that science would be the next target. What was even more unexpected is that that objective has now been largely achieved. 
The “social sciences” were of course the first targets. These “sciences” being basically unscientific to start with it was not difficult to take them over. In the 1970s the cultural marxists saw another opportunity. Environmentalism, being largely emotional and irrational, provided an ideal chance to extend their conquests into more respectable scientific domains. They captured the environmental movement quickly and completely but it was obvious that it was not enough merely to push the new leftist environmentalism through the schools and the media. If environmentalism could be made to look scientific it would be an even more useful tool.
What was needed was something that sounded scientific to begin with. Panics about environmental catastrophes would be absolutely ideal. The first attempt was the “population bomb” panic but that started to run out of steam rather quickly. The “hole in the ozone layer” looked promising but it proved to be too easy to demonstrate its silliness. Climate panics were much more suitable. Almost nothing was known about long-term variations in climate. In the 70s a few scientists had suggested that we were heading for a new Ice Age. That had possibilities but it was difficult to argue that it was our fault, since Ice Ages occur regularly and naturally. Something was needed that would allow the Left to blame capitalism and to exploit the feelings of guilt to which Europeans were particularly prone. If global warming had not existed it would have had to be invented. In fact it was invented. It was never based on more than the vague speculations of a few scientists on the lunatic fringe. 
What was so wonderful about this invented and entirely imaginary threat was that climate science was an obscure corner of the scientific world. That afforded the opportunity for cultural marxists not just to exploit their imaginary threat but to use it to take control of an entire field of science. Since climate science was so obscure and so unimportant it would be easy to hijack it since climate scientists could be won over by the promise of funding on a scale they had never dared to dream about. Pretty soon climate science was a large and very rich corner of science with countless climate scientists all of whose careers depended on stoking the fires of hysteria. If a climate scientist came to the conclusion that global warming was nonsense then politicians would be inclined to ask why they were wasting so much money funding his research. But if he argued that it was a horrific and deadly and imminent threat he could look forward to getting even more funding. Scientists are just as human as anyone else, and just as prone to feathering their own nests as any other group of people.
Once climate science was well and truly established as political science with rich rewards for those who followed the party line it would be easy to eliminate any backsliders who dared to express doubts. They could be dealt with by the time-honoured leftist methods of bullying and intimidation.
This success inspired the Left to expand their colonisation of science. Scientists proved to be ridiculously easy to intimidate. Other areas of science were clearly ripe for the picking. The behavioural sciences and evolutionary biology have been brought firmly under leftist control. Try being an evolutionary biologist who dares to suggest that maybe human evolution did not stop 50,000 years ago and that maybe genetics have some influence on intelligence and see how long it is before you lose your academic position and find yourself driving cabs for a living.
If you’re a scientist today and you’d like to go on working as a scientist you learn to be very very careful before opening your mouth. Anything that could possibly be interpreted as sexist, racist, homophobic, transphobic, islamophobic, ableist, or any other category of Thought Crime could end your career. What matters is not whether your science is valid; what matters is that you hold the correct political beliefs. Science is now so thoroughly politicised that any statement by a scientist on any subject has to be regarded with suspicion.

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