conservative political parties are part of the Leftist Establishment

If you’re a genuine conservative there is one delusion you must abandon. That is the idea that the existing “conservative” political parties offer any hope at all. They do not. 
The problem is not that they are currently led by weak ineffectual buffoons like David Cameron and Tony Abbott, or that the Republicans in the US keep picking wishy-washy presidential candidates. The problem is that the entire party organisations are composed of people who are in fact leftists. The conservative political parties are now part of the Leftist Establishment.
The trouble with David Cameron is not that he’s an incompetent clown. Cameron is achieving exactly what he set out to do. His objective was to turn the Conservative Party into a clone of the Labor Party. His objective was to pursue the same policies that a Labor Party government would have pursued. And he has succeeded. He has been, insofar as his own beliefs are concerned, a successful Prime Minister. The problem is that he has been a successful Labor Prime Minister. He has furthered the causes of socialism, political correctness, globalisation and multi-culturalism. He has continued the program begun by Tony Blair – the destruction of Britain as a nation state, the destruction of any meaningful opposition to the sacred cows of the Left, the conversion of Britain into a minor province of the EU, the destruction of British culture and tradition.
And it makes no difference whatsoever which candidate the Republicans run against Hillary Clinton in 2016. In the very unlikely event that they win they will pursue the same domestic policies that Obama has pursued. The only difference is that, given the influence of the neocon nutjobs in the Republican Party, a Republican president would be much more likely to involve the US in more futile and destructive wars. In fact a Republican president might well be considerably worse than Hillary Clinton. A Republican president might well accede to the crazed demands of the neocons and start a shooting war with Russia.
It’s the same story with Tony Abbott in Australia. He has been a bitter disappointment to conservatives but that’s because they made the mistake of thinking he was a conservative. He is a man of the Centre-Left, and veering more towards the Left than the Centre. The only thing that can be said in favour of Abbott is that he’s not as far to the Left as his leadership rival Malcolm Turnbull.
If we want to stop the western world from disappearing down the plug hole we will have to do it in spite of the established conservative parties. We will get zero help from them.
In the case of Britain the supreme irony is that there are people who are afraid that if they vote for UKIP they will be putting Ed Milliband into 10 Downing Street. In fact of course it makes zero difference whether David Cameron or Ed Milliband is Prime Minister. They are two leftist peas in a leftist pod. It makes zero difference whether the Conservatives or Labor win. Their objectives are in all essentials identical. The only good result for genuine conservatives would be the annihilation of the Conservative Party. The Conservative Party would then be faced with a choice between permanent political oblivion or re-inventing itself as an actual conservative party. There’s no doubt they will choose permanent political oblivion. And that would be a very good thing. It would leave room for a genuine conservative party to emerge.
The situation in the US is more difficult because of the rigid two-party system. The best option is probably simply to refuse to vote. If enough conservatives did that then the Republicans might face the same stark choice – oblivion or rediscovering some principles.
Perhaps the best option is to abandon hope in the political system altogether. Rely on pressure group politics. It worked for the homosexuals. Now they have both parties pandering to them.

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