Trump, neocons and the Left

The 2016 presidential election in the US continues to provide amusement and amazement (mixed with a certain amount of despair). The most interesting thing about it is that the most left-wing of all the candidates is Donald Trump.
The US is now controlled entirely by the neocons. They are the ones calling the shots. They have the influence and they have the money behind them. Both major parties have embraced the neocon philosophy lock, stock and barrel. The differences between a Ted Cruz or a Marco Rubio and a Hillary Clinton are merely cosmetic.
There’s a popular theory that neocons are closet leftists, that they are essentially rebranded Trotskyists. I don’t buy this. There’s nothing remotely left-wing about neocons. The “neocons are leftists in disguise” theory is based on neocon support for identity politics movements. In fact of course neocons couldn’t care less about blacks or homosexuals or any other victim groups. Neocons employ these victim groups as useful idiots. Neocons care about three things – global capitalism, war and Israel.
Neocons are perhaps best thought of as representing the extreme end of the far right. 
This does not imply that neocons are conservatives. They are not conservatives in any way, shape or form. They are right-wing, but not conservative. They represent the radical right.
Ironically the modern political parties that get labelled as far right are in truth centre-left or even further left. They represent leftist nationalism. Which makes sense. Leftist policies can only work in relatively homogenous stable societies. Mass immigration simply makes leftist policies impossible. A leftist who embraces globalism is living in a dream world.
In the 1930s the far right was identified with nationalism (not always correctly since many of the far right political parties of the 30s were a mix of left and right wing ideologies). Today the far right (the neocons) embrace globalism and hate nationalism with a passion. Leftists in Europe may be finally beginning to awaken to the reality that they must embrace nationalism. Leftists in the US don’t count since they are such a tiny and insignificant minority (a few ageing Marxist university professors and that’s about it). The US Democratic Party is most emphatically not a leftist party. It’s a neocon party.
Any kind of leftist political agenda is impossible without a fairly stable homogenous population and strong border controls. A conservative agenda is equally impossible without those elements. On the other hand a radical right-wing agenda (as promoted by the neocons) is not only possible, such an agenda actually requires population instability, mass immigration and open borders.
The radical right-wing agenda of the neocons may be the most destructive ideology yet seen in the West. It remains to be seen whether an alliance can be forge between genuine leftists and genuine conservatives.
The almost hysterical hatred displayed by neocons towards Donald Trump has one major cause – whatever Trump might be he is not a neocon. The great fear of the neocons is not right-wing populism – it is the possibility of a populism that combines both left-wing and conservative values.

5 comments on “Trump, neocons and the Left

  1. This is getting a bit perverse! Of course Trump is Left Wing – he is an atheist, nihilist, utilitarian and pro- the sexual revolution – he is merely a Nationalist Socialist type of Left Winger (slightly). So are all other candidates Left Wing.

    *All* mainstream politics in the West is Left Wing – indeed it is all very Left Wing *indeed* by world, and historical standards.

    All the current political leaders and potential candidates are *fundamentally* wrong, and would be overall-damaging – in spite of whatever one or two good and correct ideas and policies they may (with whatever degree of sincerity) advocate.

  2. dfordoom says:

    All the current political leaders and potential candidates are *fundamentally* wrong

    I agree entirely about that. The amazing thing about modern political parties is their ability to combine everything that is worst about the Left (while ignoring the handful of worthwhile leftist ideas) with everything that is worst about the Right (while ignoring the handful of worthwhile rightist ideas).

    I think some are more wrong than others and I think the neocons are the most wrong of all. The neocons are also, interestingly, the most nihilistic of all.

    The mistake a lot of people make is that while they recognise that things have gone horribly wrong they think it's a comparatively recent problem. It isn't. The roots of the problem go back to the rise of modernism in the late 19th century. In some ways the roots of the problem go back even further, to the Enlightenment.

  3. The Left vs Right is BS. Both parties are bought and sold. Its Globalists vs nationalist. The Bush, Clinton, Kennedy, and Rockefellers are all on the same side. They are in it together. Trump isn't a member of the club. He crashed the party and both fake parties are trying to squeeze him out. There are no conservatives or patriots. The Neocons are Troskyite globalists who want the New World Order. The Democratic Socialists are the rebranded Communists who want One World Government. You've been bamboozled, the animus between the two parties was fake. They're in it together, and Trump taking fire from both proves it.

  4. Ted Cruz in grasping at straws, trying to find non-existent reasons to bring Rubio down. But those straws are rotten and they break and will continue breaking until Cruz has nothing left to hold on to.The latest attacks from Ted Cruz's campaign are desperate and misleading trump is just making a complete fool of himself and the people can see straight though him. and clinton has also lost all her credibility. how can one not support kates law. the far left has gone way to far and its destroying america of all its traditional great values. RUBIO IS THE MAN TO SAVE AMERICA. I heard Marco give a speech at another election time several years ago, I was most impressed & made it my business to read his books. I knew then that one day he would make a wonderful President of the United States & I believe this is getting ready to happen. HE IS GIVING PEOPLE CONFIDENCE TO STAND OUT FOR THERE FAITH. Senator Chuck Grassley doesn't give his support to losers – he knows a winner & presidential material when he sees it. I like how he stays focused on the issues and doesn't engage in the political nonsense. this is because his intentions and heart are in the right place and in this current environment his great quality stand out so much. /react-text Marco Rubio is grounded, focused on issues instead of hate rhetooric, has sane, well planned strategies, really does live by his faith, and always treats the public with respect instead of bombarding them with loudmouthed vulgarities. So, iif you want someone who really does “tell it like it is” (i.e. the truth), vote for Marco Rubio! Marco Rubio yessss….. love his intelligence… and the way he approach all the other candidates, the perfect candidate for president 2016 /react-text You have my vote, most certainly. I am inspired by you, and there is no doubt in my mind that you, unlike many other candidates, will keep your promises to America. With you as our President, we will become safe, secure, powerful, and more united than we have been in many years. Marco Rubio 2016. SUPPORT TEAM RUBIO AND LIVE IN A BETTER WORLD

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