fighting back in the culture wars

Is there anything we can do in the way of fighting back in the culture wars? There are times when it seems hopeless but there are a few things we can do as individuals and on a group basis. 
One thing we can do is learn to be better at watching each other’s backs. Conservatives have been operating as lone wolves while leftists always hunt in packs. We need to hunt in packs as well. That does not imply that we should copy the vicious tactics of leftists but we should make it clear that we’re not going to let individual conservatives get picked off one at a time. 
We need to network more. It’s true that we are divided. The paleo-conservatives and the traditionalist conservatives and the alt-right disagree strongly about many things. However we need to remember that the Left is even more divided. The Left today is composed of countless lobby groups with virtually no interests in common. And yet they will always close ranks against us. There seems to be no good reason why we can’t do the same.
We should follow the example of Ron Unz. At Unz Review he has collected together a formidable array of writers. They cover a very broad range of the political spectrum. What they have in common is that all are dissidents. All are outlaws as far as the mainstream media is concerned. These are voices that would otherwise be unheard. It doesn’t matter if you disagree with another dissident – any dissident is worth supporting. 
Taki’s Magazine is also worthwhile. We need to support such sites. Without them a lot more voices would be silenced.
We need to offer moral support to other conservatives, even if it’s nothing more than leaving an occasional brief comment just to let a conservative blogger know that his blog does get read. 
Networking outside the online world is more difficult but it’s not impossible. In Australia we have groups like the Melbourne Traditionalists. The Upon Hope and Oz Conservative blogs have more information about this group.
The best antidote to despair is the knowledge that you are not alone, that other people do share your beliefs and concerns.

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