Brexit – a Berlin Wall moment?

The Leave vote in the Brexit referendum is obviously very good news indeed. I just hope that Brexiteers realise that while this has been a glorious victory it’s just the opening battle in what will be a lengthy war. 
Britain cannot be a truly independent nation until the globalist  elites who created the mess are thoroughly eradicated. That means the existing Conservative and Labor parties must be destroyed. It can be done.
This victory was won by a temporary alliance that would have seemed unthinkable a decade ago – dissident Tories united with dissident Labour supporters. In fact it was an alliance of what could be called old school Tories (the ones who actually cared about their country) and the old school Left (leftists who actually care about working-class people). They were united for one magnificent moment by their detestation of the smug elites who currently run the Conservative and Labor parties. This was what Peter Hitchens has described as “an alliance between the social conservatives trapped and ignored in a liberal Tory Party and the social conservatives trapped in a liberal Labour Party.” 
Hitchens fears that the referendum may have brought this alliance about too soon and that it may not last. He may be right. It is very much in the interests of both groups to burn the existing political establishment to the ground, but the danger is that after the euphoria of the referendum victory has worn off it may be back to business as usual with voters continuing to vote for established political parties that despise them.
On the other hand it may be that now that ordinary people have discovered that they can actually change things, and all they have to do is motivate themselves enough to go to the polling station, they might start taking an interest in finishing the job. There is the chance that this may be a Berlin Wall coming down moment for the British political establishment.
The elites of course have been sneering about the fact that the referendum was won by old white people. So it was. And now those old white people have had a taste of power. They’ve ditched the EU and they’ve ended the dismal disastrous career of David Cameron. They’ve discovered they can outvote the moronic Millennials. They can, should they choose to do so, take back their country.
In some ways it’s to be hoped that the EU is as obstructive as possible about Brexit – it will serve to maintain the rage. Maybe the British people will eventually figure out that if they want real independence they need to eliminate the current self-serving self-appointed political class.
Of course it could be a Berlin Wall coming down moment for the EU as well. Now everyone in Europe who hates the EU knows that it is possible to leave. What seemed like an impossibility has been demonstrated to be a very real possibility. Anti-EU movements in other countries are going to be really energised now.
Just remember, the collapse of the Soviet Union was an impossibility until it happened. And when history happens it tends to happen surprisingly quickly.

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