what motivates a globalist?

One of the more confusing things about our world today is that our leaders seem to be either monumentally incompetent, insane or simply evil. How can it make sense for national leaders to pursue policies that will destroy their own nations? How can European leaders be so blithely unconcerned about the rising tide of terrorism?
The first thing you need to understand is that our globalist leaders have absolutely no sense of identification with the citizens of their own countries. They do not consider themselves to be Frenchmen, or Americans, or Germans or whatever. They have no affection for the countries in which they were born and no affection for their countrymen. Their only loyalty is to their kind – fellow globalists.
The most terrifying thing about the true believer globalists who run our world is that their motivations are entirely rational. Their actions make perfect sense, if you accept their initial assumptions.
The objective is power. Absolute power. Their dream is of a world of compliant consumers who will do whatever they’re told to do and who will never ever question the authority of their globalist masters.
In order to achieve this it is necessary to eliminate any possible source of resistance. First of all this means the destruction of Christianity. Most importantly it means the destruction of the Catholic Church, this being the only surviving institution wealthy enough and powerful enough to provide genuine opposition. The fact that the Catholic Church has not been very successful in opposing the globalist agenda does not matter – the Church still has the potential to offer very effective resistance. As a result the globalist-controlled media has been going all out for decades now to discredit and undermine the Catholic Church.
The second possible source of resistance is democracy. While it’s true that democratically elected governments can now mostly be relied upon to serve the globalist agenda there is still the frightening possibility that electors might take it into their heads to vote for non-approved candidates or parties. Brexit proved that the threat presented by democracy cannot be entirely ignored. Occasionally people will still vote the way they want to rather than the way they’re told to. Clearly it is necessary to eliminate all remaining democratic institutions. Parliaments and presidents must be replaced by more reliable unelected bodies and leaders.
The problem is that this is a step that could provoke real resistance. What is needed is a combination of circumstances that will allow democracy to be eliminated without the risk of a backlash. What is needed is a crisis. From the point of view of the globalists a crisis would be a very positive thing indeed. It would offer the opportunity to announce that as an emergency measure democracy is to suspended. Temporarily of course. In fact the suspension of democracy will turn out to be permanent.
A crisis offers other equally enticing opportunities. It can be used to justify massively  increased surveillance, ever more sweeping censorship, the further militarisation of police forces and best of all it can be used as justification for rounding up and silencing dissenters (who will of course be described as dangerous extremists).
A big enough crisis could allow the globalists to strangle democracy permanently and abolish what little remains of freedom of speech.
That’s where terrorism comes in. For the globalists it is the perfect crisis. The more their policies encourage terrorism the more opportunities are provided to further the globalist agenda.
The way that globalist elites behave might seem crazy and inexplicable on the surface but once you recognise that they have none of the loyalties that ordinary people take for granted and that they are entirely indifferent to the interests of anyone outside of the elite then it all starts to make sense. They might be evil but they are neither stupid nor crazy.

2 comments on “what motivates a globalist?

  1. Matt Brady says:

    Hmm… interesting. I've never considered the apparent ignoring of terrorism by the elites as anything other than Lefty Utopian Delusion, but now that you mention it, yes, it makes sense to use terrorism as the crisis to end democracy. Thanks for pointing that out.

  2. dfordoom says:

    When dealing with elites it's always reasonable to assume a degree of incompetence and delusional thinking. But with globalist elites there's almost always malice involved as well. And when you get delusional thinking combined with malice you have a truly deadly cocktail.

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