am I a conservative? part two

In my previous post I talked about some of my issues with mainstream conservatism. Now I’m going to address my biggest concern of all – the issue of social conservatism.

I do very much consider myself to be a social conservative. And this is where I really come to a parting of the ways with mainstream conservatism as it exists today. Not only have mainstream conservatives surrendered on every single issue that concerns social conservatives – they actually seem to regard actual social conservatives with a mixture of embarrassment and contempt. While mainstream conservatives are prepared to go to the barricades over the issues that matter to them – tax cuts for the rich, free trade and open borders – it is obvious that they would prefer to avoid taking a stand on every single issue that matters to social conservatives.
For me social issues trump economic issues. Economic prosperity is a fine thing but if society collapses into despair, nihilism and chaos it’s not much consolation to be told that at least we have economic growth.
And our society is collapsing into despair, nihilism and chaos. 
We have reached the stage where the most precious of freedom of all is, apparently, the freedom to slaughter our unborn children. We are slaughtering them by the millions. Quite apart from the obvious moral dimension there is a social cost to this as well. To believe it’s OK to kill an unborn baby because that child might be a nuisance to its parents’ busy social life or might disrupt a woman’s career has terrifying implications that should surely be obvious to all. But mainstream conservatives have no intention of making any kind of stand on this issue.
Mainstream conservatives not only do not want to contest the issue of homosexual marriage – more often than not they actively support it. This issue has nothing to do with tolerance. Homosexuals achieved that decades ago. They don’t want their tragically unhealthy lifestyle to be tolerated – they want it to be celebrated and embraced. They want to be free to promote that lifestyle to children. Homosexual marriage is part of that agenda. But mainstream conservatives have no problem with it.
Feminism has been not only the most pernicious and dangerously deluded ideology ever dreamt up, it has also been a spectacular failure. Women have never been more unhappy, lonely and embittered than they are today. But try to find one mainstream conservative who will point out the folly and evil of feminism.
Pornography has been flooding our society for decades now. Try to find one mainstream conservative who will confront that issue.
Promiscuity is now considered to be the new normal. Long experience has demonstrated the corrosive effects of promiscuity on both the individual and society. But no mainstream conservative wants to be accused of slut-shaming. So that issue gets ignored as well.
So cowardly and treacherous are mainstream conservatives on social issues that even though I am most definitely a social conservative the very word conservative has become so devalued in my eyes that I’d prefer to be called something else. I’d rather call myself a social reactionary.

4 comments on “am I a conservative? part two

  1. Mr.Doom

    What I don't understand is why you continue to call Classical Liberals, Conservatives?

    Mark Moncrieff
    Upon Hope Blog – A Traditional Conservative Future.

  2. dfordoom says:

    Fair comment. I guess I avoid the term classical liberal because the word liberal has changed so much in meaning. Finding usable terms for most political positions these days is a nightmare since just about all terms have changed their meaning quite radically. Also classical liberals these days don't seem to describe themselves that way very much although you're correct in saying that that's what they are.

    I'm really still groping about trying to make sense of my own position in a rather bewildering political world.

  3. Roy says:

    We used to have an idea of what a Liberal was, yet the only people who seem to remember its meaning are the sort of actual marxist who constantly denounces the liberal state.

    A Liberal was supposed to be someone who believed in certain fundamental rights and was ruthless about retaining them, a Liberal could support not imprisoning the communist agitator on the street corner but arresting the bomber or revolutionary who acted by illiberal methods. A Liberalism was a totalizing ideology that was based on the supremacy of the individual, solely interested in the so called negative rights (aka freedoms). The liberal could oppose racial and ethnic chauvinism because he expected that all humans could learn to adopt Liberal attitudes because they were fundamentally correct. An African or Asian could be a better man if he was a better liberal.

    This was an evolution of the christian idea that a human's virtue had nothing to do with their station but with their character, a slave could be a saint and a senator could be the lowest worm on earth and bound for hellfire.

    What destroyed this was that those in power began to accept the backward behavior of certain groups as part of their racial character and think that modern civilization was inherent to “white” culture. They decided that expecting liberal ideas from the more primitive was a form of racism, rather than being the essence of non racialism.

    As they developed the self hatred of those living in a complacent society they even began to elevate the barbaric and savage over the civilized and then began to encourage the behavior of the savage in those who had formerly been civilized. When the Social Justice Warrior asks for permission from the “oppressed” for appropriating their culture the SJW is admitting that they think that this is racially inherent behavior.

    We are in this mess because being a real Liberal, like being a true Christian, is very hard, it forces one to judge and to tell the truth regardless of the cost.

    As a Catholic I have some idea of what God wants from me and I can objectively measure my failure, when so called liberals stopped believing in a single truth that Liberalism was True they no longer tried to defend it.

    Sorry about the excess length, but I feel you are on the same road as myself, that which goes through the narrow wicket gate.

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