the war on masculinity

The Social Justice war on masculinity continues unabated. Jim Goad has a good article on this subject at Taki’s Magazine, Reclaiming Toxic Masculinity. I liked his point that we hear so much in the media about “toxic masculinity” but we never hear about toxic homosexuality” or “toxic bitchiness.”
The war on masculinity doesn’t just destroy families and ruin the lives of both men and women. It destroys other things. One of the things that it has utterly destroyed is Christianity. No religion can survive once it has been entirely feminised. Not only are men driven away from the faith – without men (actual masculine men rather than emasculated girly-men) the women become increasingly prone to wallowing in emotion, and increasingly totalitarian. It’s an often overlooked point that totalitarianism is often driven by emotion rather than reason.
Politics becomes entirely driven by feelings. We have, unfortunately, already reached the point at which politics is nothing but feelings.
And just when you think our civilisation can’t sink any lower, two New York lesbians are outraged that a magazine aimed at toddlers doesn’t have enough pro-homosexual propaganda – Nothing is sacred. nothing is safe
This is why homosexuals should never be allowed to adopt children or to act as parents. They only care for their kids insofar as they can use them to advance their political agenda.
Also worth reading is the latest post at Upon Hope about the many and various ways in which liberals engage in direct and indirect child abuse.

One comment on “the war on masculinity

  1. There is conclusive empirical validation of this – in that in the main religions, the only growing denominations are patriarchal, and all the denominations that have embraced the sexual revolution are declining.

    I don't know of any exceptions – despite that the modernists are relatively subsidised and the traditionalists are continually harrased, starved and persecuted.

    Leaving aside scripture and theology for the moment (and whether this is taken as an absolute rule, or merely a rule-of-thumb allowing for exceptions like Queen Elizabeth I); it seems that St Paul's assertion of the need for male leadership fits the facts.

    In secular institutions it can easily be confirmed that all feminised professions become deskilled, routinised, bureaucritised.

    Ive been looking out for exceptions for several years, but haven't found any – except for all-female institutions like nunneries and old fashioned girls schools, some of which seemed to be be sustainable; usually when they were staffed by celibates.

    Given that The Establishment does not give a damn for women's happiness or for the effectiveness of institutions; and is strategically dedicated to the destruction of Good (which is invariably achieved by the system of bureaucracy) – for them this is 'all part of the plan': a feature, not a bug.

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