immigration, housing and the environment

There are countless reasons to oppose mass Third World immigration but there are a couple of arguments that in my view have not been given enough emphasis.
The first of these is housing. It’s a matter of basic supply and demand. If you have rapid population growth fueled by immigration, as we have in Australia, then obviously housing is going to get more and more expensive. In fact home ownership will be placed out of the reach of an increasingly large share of the population while renting will become more of a financial burden as well.
I live on the semi-rural fringes of Sydney. At least it used to be semi-rural. Now the remaining farmland is disappearing at a terrifying rate, being replaced by more and more housing estates. House prices have gone through the roof. We have very few immigrants here. What we’re seeing here is an indirect rather than a direct effect of immigration – which makes it all the more pernicious since most people don’t make the connection.
Housing is an issue that Mark at Upon Hope raised not long ago (in his post Affordable Housing, How Do We Get Back To It?) and it’s a vital issue. It’s also an issue on which anti-immigrationists should be able to get some real political traction.
Of course there’s another related issue. In our area we’re not just seeing skyrocketing housing prices we’re also losing out quality of life. We moved here to get away from the horrors of Sydney – crime, drugs, multi-culturalism, noise, overcrowding, traffic congestion. Now all these horrors are following us, and as long as immigration continues at current rates all this is only going to get worse.
Another issue that anti-immigrationists don’t focus on enough is the environment. Now personally I believe that global warming is utter nonsense but (sadly) most people seem to believe in it. And even if global warming is nonsense there are genuine environmental concerns that shouldn’t be ignored. You don’t need to be Einstein to figure out that rapid population growth as a result of mass immigration will have an impact on the environment.
This is an issue on which the globalists and the SJWs are particularly vulnerable. The environment is sacred after all. 
These are the kinds of issues on which real political headway can be made.

2 comments on “immigration, housing and the environment

  1. James Higham says:

    Merry Christmas – enjoy.

  2. dfordoom says:

    Yes, Merry Christmas!

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