globalists, divide and rule and identity politics

At first glance it might seem odd that globalists are so keen on identity politics. Globalists want us all to be obedient consumers within one vast globalist super-state. They want us all to think alike because they want one global market.
Identity politics being inherently divisive might seem to be at odds with this. It makes sense though once you realise that a globalist super-state is in fact an empire. The easiest way to control an empire is by using divide and rule tactics. Dividing the population along ethnic or cultural or even regional lines would however be dangerous. It Italians were to feel an intense pride in their Italian identity they might start thinking that it would be nice to have their own country and control their own destinies. We can’t have that. Nationalism is the enemy of any empire.
Dividing people along completely artificial lines such as “gender” or sexuality or race is much safer. There’s not much danger that homosexuals will demand their own country.
Identity politics also appeals because it encourages antagonisms. While women are hating men for being patriarchal oppressors they’re not noticing that globalism isn’t really doing anything for women. While blacks are hating whites as racist oppressors they’re not noticing that globalism isn’t making life better for ordinary blacks. 
Apart from nationalism the great fear of the globalists is that people might notice that class still matters and that only one class benefits from globalism.
It’s vital, from the globalist point of view, that society be divided only along totally artificial lines.
Any genuine sense of identity must be crushed. Family, religion, culture and regional traditions offer an organic sense of identity that gives people a sense of being more than mere consumers or mere servants of the state. Our duty as subjects of the empire is to buy more consumer goods and obey orders.

One comment on “globalists, divide and rule and identity politics

  1. Greeting of the Greek < Humanitarian True Democracy Movement >, toward the Italian

    Athens 19/12/2016

    Dear friends and neighbors, Italian ladies and Italians, we salute and congratulate you on your recent democratic action with the referendum process and for the resistance against the Government's proposals of Matteo Renzi for changes to the Constitution that will reduce even further the democratic balance of your system.

    Of course, like the Polity/State of our country (Greece), the most Western countries, whether we are talking about in Italy, either in France, England, Spain, the U.S.A. and others, are not real Democracies, but oligarchic regimes with some democratic features.

    In true democracy the Citizen’s are the State. This means that Governments serve citizens, who are the rightful owners of the State.

    To be able to refer to some form of modern true Democracy we should apply the following basic principles:

    1) distinguish the 3 powers of state (Legislative, Executive, Judicial), 2) Involving conscripts Citizens on all 3 powers.

    I.e. citizens will decide about the legislation or will deposit their own legislative proposals, citizens would control the Governments (in principle via a parliament of conscripts citizens), and the citizens (together with conscripts judges), will judge the politicians of any illegal political acts.

    Do you know any country in which there are active the above conditions?

    We are witnessing a historic crossroads. On the one hand, there are the Oligarchic Globalists (Bankers, Politicians, Shareholders of multinational companies, Industrialists, Financiers, etc.), who are trying to return us to autocratic and hard medieval regimes and from the other side people show strong signs of resistance and democratic sensibility, as the Greeks with the referendum in 2015, the British with the referendum of ‘Brexit’, the U.S. citizens who elected D. Trump and now the Italians with the recent referendum.

    Certainly this is not an easy target for humanity as the economic elite will play their ‘cards’ all for all pre text to accomplish their goal. Already doing … They Have tie the countries with fictitious debts, with unemployment and seeking to grab them the public wealth to load the countries with illegal immigrants … even in war they are able to involve us. They have done this again (1st – 2nd World War).

    But we have a chance. Perhaps our last chance to achieve freedom, peace, prosperity, security, through true Democracy.

    We the Greeks, as you the Italians, have a great and interactive story and we are sharing for thousands of years the same sea, enjoying the same goods as the olives, olive oil, grapes, cheeses, pies, fish … We are dancing and singing under the Sun or the Stars…

    Which Italian – Woman or Man – doesn’t rejoice to taste a meal with wine and seafood next to a beautiful and scenic beach? Which Italian or Greek is not dreaming when facing the sea at Sunset or when they are boating in the calm waters of the Mediterranean under the Moonlight?

    Once we both drove humanity offering culture … We believe that It is time to do it again…!

    Forward for a European political revolution in favor of true Democracy!

    Forward for the Citizens of Europe!

    PS – We welcome hugely the corresponding Italian Movement of true Democracy.

    The Greek H.T.D.M

    – www,unitedgreeknation,blogspot,gr –

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