what if the elites don’t actually have a plan?

What a really smart super-villain looks like
A horrible thought occurred to me today. What if the elites don’t actually have a plan? What if they’re not evil geniuses after all?
When I say they don’t have a plan I mean a coherent long-term plan. They certainly have short-term plans – dismantle nation states, create a single global market, keep the population divided by means of identity politics, keep the population docile with sex, drugs and mindless entertainment. 
But what is the ultimate purpose? Is there a long-term vision of the future behind all this? Obviously the elites are motivated by the desire for money and power (especially power) but do they have a reason for seeking so much power, is there something they wish to achieve? Are they aiming for the same goal the Old Left was aiming for, the creation of Utopia? Or is just power for its own sake? 
Of course this is not a new idea. In Orwell’s 1984 the Inner Party had no plans other than to maintain itself in power. Orwell understood the concept of an elite focused purely on power, but most of us find that difficult to cope with. We assume there must be a master plan, even if it’s an evil master plan. The diabolical criminals of fiction like Dr Fu Manchu or Bond villains like Ernst Stavro Blofeld usually had some reason for desiring absolute power and those of us who oppose the globalist project tend to assume (even if we do so unconsciously) that we’re dealing with evil geniuses who have everything all worked out. It’s a disturbing thought that the globalist elites may not be evil geniuses – they may be simply evil. Even worse, they may be evil buffoons. 
I started thinking long these lines during a discussion at Oz Conservative on the Islamification of the West. One commenter argued that the elites actually desire to create a global Islamic society, that their ultimate aim is the triumph of Islam. I have never believed this. My view is that the elites aim for a global atheist society on the grounds that such a society would be the easiest to control. Any religion is a threat to the globalists – it offers an alternative view of society and the religious hierarchy offers an alternative source of authority. These are things the globalist elites will never tolerate. My theory is that the elites see Islam as a very potent short-term weapon but that they believe that within a couple of generations the Islamic immigrants will be just as secularised as the host nations. In the long term the elites believe that Muslim immigrants will become good atheists. Destroying Christianity turned out to so easy that they naturally assume that they can destroy Islam when it is no longer useful to them. This may be a deluded belief on their part but I am unable to see any other explanation that fits the known facts.
A diabolical criminal mastermind who did think things through

So it’s possible that the Islamification of the West is an idea that hasn’t been thought through at all. It’s a short-term strategy and the long-term consequences have simply been ignored. 

It’s also possible that all of the elite strategy is defined by short-term thinking. Identity politics, feminism, LGBT extremism, the destruction of the family, the stoking of facial hatreds – perhaps all these things are also ideas that seemed useful as short-term expedients but again the long-term consequences were never considered.
Even the core objectives of globalism – the single global market and open borders – may fall into the same category. They may not be such wonderful ideas, even for the elites. If the elites lose control of one nation state they can always find others to loot. If they lose control of a global super-state they lose everything.
The elites have so far succeeded spectacularly in all their endeavours so it’s not surprising that they should become wildly over-confident. The ancients called it hubris. They also believed that hubris always leads to nemesis. If the elites really are stupid rather than evil geniuses then nemesis may indeed be a real possibility.

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