how to win and how to lose

Why is it that the globalists and SJWs always seem to win while those who oppose them almost invariably lose? It seems like a mystery since we know from the Brexit vote and the Trump election win that the opponents of globalism are by no means insignificant in numbers.
The answer is extremely simple. The Left has always been well organised, and they have always been passionate and committed. Conservatives have been hopelessly disorganised and they have just not had the same level of commitment. And commitment is what it’s all about. Fanatics make formidable foes. Well-organised fanatics are just about unbeatable. Numbers don’t really matter. A hundred organised political zealots are worth ten thousand lukewarm supporters.
The Left as such has now effectively ceased to exist but the globalist/SJWs who have taken over the movement have retained the old Left’s faith in organisation, passion and commitment. 
They also do not know the meaning of defeat. Take the Brexit vote – the Remain supporters never had the slightest intention of accepting the vote if it went against them. Or take the US election – it never even crossed the minds of Clinton supporters to accept the result if it didn’t go their way.
For conservatives losing has always been an opportunity to display their ability to be gracious in defeat. For the Left losing was always regarded as merely a temporary setback  – a defeat was not the end of the struggle but only the beginning. It is the same with the globalist/SJWs of today.
It may be partly a matter of psychology. Those who wish to preserve traditional ways are characterised more by common sense and good judgment than by zealotry. Those who wish to destroy the traditional order are those who are driven by enthusiasm, hatred, obsessiveness and hysteria – all of which contribute to making them effective political foot soldiers.
There are few examples of traditionalists who have shown the level of commitment and organisation that their enemies take for granted. The few who have demonstrated those qualities have mostly been motivated by religion. In the post-Christian West there seems little chance of religion becoming once again the necessary motivating force.
So what can be done? I don’t claim to have the answers but at the very least, as a first step, we have to understand why we have usually lost. 

One comment on “how to win and how to lose

  1. James Higham says:

    We shall see – I for one am quite pleased how it's going, even today.

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