the legal immigration con

While it’s pleasing that immigration is finally on the political agenda there is a worrying aspect to this – people have become so focused on illegal immigration that they’ve convinced themselves that legal immigration is no problem at all. Nothing could be further from the truth. Legal immigration is a much greater threat to western civilisation.
Will illegals there’s always the option (assuming the political will exists) for deportation. It is possible (again if the political will exists) to prevent illegals from bleeding the country dry with welfare payments. It is even possible to prevent illegals from voting, on the perfectly sound grounds that they have absolutely no right to vote in someone else’s country. With legal immigrants none of these options exist. Legal immigrants can steal all the best jobs. They can help themselves to welfare. They can commit crimes and it’s extremely difficult to then deport them (if they have citizenship it’s just about impossible ever to get rid of them no matter how criminally inclined they are).
Once again we’re being conned by the elites and by our politicians. They want us to focus on illegal immigration because they don’t want us to notice that we’re being invaded by legal immigrants. We’re being conned and, sadly, most of us are falling for it.
All immigration, legal or illegal, is a problem. This is why you have to be very cautious about trusting someone like Donald Trump. He’s essentially pro-immigration. Very pro-immigration. He just wants to give it the fig-leaf of legality. His much-vaunted wall will be useless if it includes a door which is going to be left permanently open for legal immigration. And that’s exactly Trump’s intention. Be careful of that “big beautiful door” he’s promising. It’s a door that will allow population replacement to proceed as planned. 

One comment on “the legal immigration con

  1. James Higham says:

    That's as may be. We'll see soon enough.

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