the social function of the church

Churches in the modern world are irrelevant. They’re just social clubs. They perform no useful social function. They exist in order to provide a warm fuzzy feeling of self-righteousness and niceness. 
This might seem paradoxical since churches today appear to be obsessively concerned with their social rôle. This is an illusion. They are serving the liberal agenda, not a Christian agenda. They are merely acting as another propaganda arm of the state. They are serving the state and the corporate interests that control our society. They do not promote Christian values. They promote the values that the state and the corporate interests wish to impose on us. They have abdicated their actual social rôle.
Churches are not guided by scripture or by their own teachings. They are guided by opinion polls and by the media. They have become political entities (it’s a major feature of our society that every aspect of life is politicised). The churches do not lead. They follow. They follow the power and the money. 
They decided back in the mid-20th century that they needed to become more relevant. In fact they’ve become entirely irrelevant. They’re not much more than a branch of the entertainment industry. They sell good feelings.
The churches have abandoned actual religion and they have abdicated their function of providing a moral framework by which to live. They promote whatever values happen to be popular, which are of course the values of the state and corporate interests.
Christianity has become a purely personal thing. The churches have forgotten that they have a rôle to play in promoting an actual Christian society. If a religion does not provide a moral framework by which to live then it’s difficult to see what purpose it does serve, other than making people feel smug and self-righteous.

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There are still Christians who desire to follow Christianity as an actual religion but there is no place for such people within modern institutional Christianity.

2 comments on “the social function of the church

  1. James Higham says:

    Nevertheless, there is a tacit understanding between those committed as Christian in the biblical sense. There are just no bricks and mortar buildings to congregate in any more. As with the early church.

  2. dfordoom says:

    there is a tacit understanding between those committed as Christian in the biblical sense.

    True, but how many are they? The overwhelming majority of “Christians” accept almost the whole of the liberal paradigm. Even though the liberal paradigm is fundamentally in conflict with their professed religion. The tiny handful who still follow the teachings of Christianity have zero influence on society as a whole, and thus Christianity no longer serves a positive social function. In fact overall Christianity performs a negative social function, promoting the forces of anti-religion.

    Genuine Christianity may still serve some purpose in the lives of a few individuals. That won't last long. Give it another ten years and being exposed as a practising Christian will get you fired from your job and you'll never work again. I don't think Christianity will actually be outlawed (although that is a definite possibility) but it will be suppressed far more effectively than anything the Roman Empire managed. And open Christianity will certainly be outlawed. My guess is that will happen within the next two decades.

    As with the early church.

    Except that the early church had energy and focus and zeal and a willingness to accept martyrdom.

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