why women being allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia is a disaster for the West

There is a news item that has not attracted much attention but is actually of immense significance. King Salman of Saudi Arabia has issued a decree ordering that women be allowed to drive.

Why does this matter? It matters because this is a classic case of the camel’s nose under the tent. It seems innocuous and insignificant but it is the first step in the full-scale liberal/feminist offensive against Islam.

And why does this matter? It matters because Islam is the only force in the modern world that has both the willingness and the capability to oppose liberalism. If the globalists wish to achieve their ultimate objectives Islam must be destroyed. This is exactly what the globalists intend to do. In the short term they will continue to use Islam as a weapon against their opponents in the West but those opponents are now so demoralised and powerless that fairly soon the globalists will no longer need Islam. At which point they will launch the same sort of all-out war against Islam that they waged so successfully against Christianity. Globalism cannot and will not tolerate the existence of any alternative system of thought.

The existence of such alternative systems of thought is crucial to any hope we may have of saving western civilisation. These alternative systems of thought do not need to be particularly attractive or even particularly pleasant but they do need to exist. In the 1950s the Soviet Union was not an especially nice place to live but the existence of the Soviet Union was on balance a good thing. It demonstrated that there was more than one possible system of thought. It may seem paradoxical but even the existence of an unattractive alternative gives cause for hope. If one alternative system of thought can exist then perhaps others are possible.

It is clear that the US has decided that Saudi Arabia must be eliminated as a possible source of opposition and they have already embarked on a policy of imposing “freedom and democracy” on Saudi Arabia. There is already talk of much-needed “reforms” and foolish short-sighted Saudis are listening. The US will use the weapons it always uses – economic pressure and the export of American “culture,” backed by the threat of military force. The Americans intend to liberalise Saudi Arabia so that it can be fully integrated into the globalist world order.

Of course the policy of the globalists will be, as always, to boil the frog slowly. If liberals can win one victory, even a small victory, against conservative Islam in its heartland then the heat will gradually be turned up and the frog’s fate is sealed.

If Saudi Arabia goes down the liberal toilet then conservative Islam will be seriously weakened, perhaps even fatally weakened.

It may be unpalatable to accept this but if globalism is to be resisted we will need allies and Islam is the only credible ally on offer. Liberalism/globalism is the enemy that matters and sooner or later there is going to be a fight to the death between the globalists and Islam. If Islam loses that fight the consequences will be disastrous. Sometimes it really is true that the enemy of my enemy is my friend. It is not necessary to like Islam (I don’t particularly like it) but it is necessary that the one deadly enemy of the globalists should continue to exist.

6 comments on “why women being allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia is a disaster for the West

  1. Frankly, I think you're overestimating this news item quite a lot. It's been allowed in Iran for years now, and Iran is no friend of the West and liberal globalists. Not even near.>>Islam is the only credible ally on offer.What about China? Also, it's a really strange attitude towards Islam. I hope you're not going to support ISIS next.

  2. Oh, and by the way, globalists never actually stopped fighting Islam. They've been fighting it at least as savagely as the Church of Scotland, with dozens of Gay Muslim movements and stuff like that. So that news item you're referring to is definitely not a milestone in this matter.

  3. And also, the West can't really convert Arabs into… well, westerners (liberals, globalists). The West didn't even quite succeed at that with Asians, who have much more in common with westerners than Arabs do. Take a look at Hong Kong and Japan – Western allies for decades! – and you'll see what I'm talking about. It'll take literally hundreds of years – and enormous efforts, always prefectly successful – to achieve that goal, and globalist ideology doesn't have that sort of time and other resources. So worrying about the fate of Islam is really the last thing a Western traditionalist should do. Unlike Christianity, Islam is, and always will be, extremely capable of defending itself both ideologically and militarily.

  4. dfordoom says:

    What about China? China may offer some hope although I doubt whether they will be able to resist the temptations of western consumerism, hedonism and depravity. They need to be much more watchful about allowing American cultural filth to overwhelm their society.The best hope there is that relations between China and the US will deteriorate to the point where the Chinese government might be prepared to take a much stronger stand against American cultural influence.Also, it's a really strange attitude towards Islam.I think it's a matter of facing an unpleasant reality. If you have a choice between two evils, choose the lesser evil. To me it seems that although Islam might be a very very unpalatable choice it's still clearly the lesser evil.

  5. Long before China even knew about America, the Chinese liked wealth and consumption. It's in Confucianism, you know. And so did Arabs, and we Slavs, and pretty much everybody else. It's not American or Western, it's only human.You mean it's easier to fight Islam than Cultural Marxism? Are you quite sure about that? On the one hand, CM gets under one's skin really well. But then, those liberals, they fear everything. And Muslims, they fear nothing.

  6. dfordoom says:

    It's not American or Western, it's only human.It's American or Western when consumption/hedonism becomes the be-all and end-all of life.You mean it's easier to fight Islam than Cultural Marxism?So far Cultural Marxism has won every single battle it's fought.I think an accomodation with Islam is possible. There is no possibility of an accomodation with Cultural Marxism.Allying with Islam would be risky, except that the risks no longer matter. We have nothing to lose. And it is the only chance of combating feminism.

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