the rise of SJWism in eastern Europe

There’s a very interesting recent piece by Anatoly Karlin at Unz Review, Poland Will Legalize Gay Marriage Within 10 Years.

He argues that SJWism already has an almost unstoppable momentum in Poland and indeed in most of eastern Europe (but not in Russia).

I fear that he is almost certainly correct. American popular culture is a poison to which white people seem to have no resistance. And of course there are also the deliberate nation-wrecking policies of western NGOs and the western media.

American popular culture has been the biggest single factor contributing to the destruction of western Europe and of countries such as Canada and Australia. American popular culture is pure evil. All of it. It’s not just the overt SJW propaganda contained in Hollywood movies, American television, pop music, etc.. It’s more basic than that. It’s the promotion of a materialistic, hedonistic consumerist worldview.

Some social conservatives like to imagine that Poland will have some immunity to this due to the supposed strength of Polish Catholicism. Anatoly points out that the facts do not support this belief. The sad truth is that organised Christianity is now part of the problem. It is part of the globalist/SJW axis of evil. I personally incline to the view that it’s an inherent weakness in Christianity. Christianity’s universalism makes Christians particularly susceptible to the siren call of globalism, and Christianity’s basic touchy-feely obsession with the virtues of niceness makes it almost impossible for Christians to resist the lure of Social Justice.

It’s clearly much too late to save western Europe, so what can be done to save eastern Europe? Anatoly suggests that the promotion of cultural anti-Americanism is essential. I agree entirely. The problem is, how can such a thing be done?

Russia has resisted because the American desire to destroy Russian civilisation and Russian society is so painfully obvious. The Americans also intend to destroy all eastern European societies but this is not yet quite so obvious to Poles, Czechs and other eastern Europeans.

It’s probably not too late to save Australia but it soon will be. And while the promotion of cultural anti-Americanism is the only way we can save ourselves it is difficult to see any prospects of this happening.

One of the chief difficulties is of course the fact that Americans are not evil people. They are in fact quite pleasant people on the whole. American culture is however a different matter. The old American culture, the one that generations of Americans cherished, has been destroyed. Those who currently control American culture hate ordinary Americans with a burning passion. They hate the old American culture and the old American values. Ordinary Americans and the culture they cherished were the first targets of the new American elites. It’s the US cultural establishment that is the problem.

Being anti-American culture is very different from being anti-American. Being anti-American culture is necessary for survival but there’s a lot of money behind the US cultural establishment.


5 comments on “the rise of SJWism in eastern Europe

  1. 1735099 says:

    I have nothing against Americans (although perhaps I should have – US self-propelled guns went within a whisker of wiping out my platoon back in 1970 when we were ambushing a track junction).
    What I do oppose (and resist where possible) is the cultural colonization which seeps across the Pacific via the popular media.
    We are a very different crew from the Americans, and share very little of their arrogance and ignorance.
    In any case, their influence is fading.
    China's economy, where the real future power lies, will render them largely irrelevant in the next twenty years.
    Hugh White's paper is informative – Our government pretends it's not happening.
    Trump's neo-isolationism is simply accelerating that process.

  2. The main problem in Russia is the pro-Western elite group. It is very small, but it controls huge money and resources, including those kept outside Russia, so it is incredibly powerful and influential. Only a few years back, Putin had virtually no differences with them. In 2011/2012 this situation began to change, and in 2014 it changed greatly. I'm afraid Putin still believes they won't try and topple him. I hope he knows what he's doing.

    As for the Poles, the only real way for them to save themselves and the whole of Eastern Europe is to create Intermarium. That's what they, along with Hungary, Romania, and Croatia, are trying to do. When in Warsaw last year, Trump gave them his blessing. The problem is, they still have a pretty long way to go with this one, and they think they must include Belarus and Ukraine into Intermarium, and Russia simply can't let that happen.

    It is interesting to mention that, for some reason, Eastern European alt-righters still think that their greatest enemy is Russia. When I spoke to some Ukrainian traditionalists, who said that they want to preserve their national and cultural identity and so they go to Europe, I asked them how are they going to preserve it when other, more important European countries so obviously fail to do that, and they can't answer anything even remotely intelligent to this statement.

    All in all, I'd say there is a chance to defend Eastern Europe and Russia from Cultural Marxism, but there are so many unpredictable factors you can't be sure we're not going to end up with diversity and Homintern.

  3. James Higham says:

    “Christianity’s universalism makes Christians particularly susceptible to the siren call of globalism, and Christianity’s basic touchy-feely obsession with the virtues of niceness makes it almost impossible for Christians to resist the lure of Social Justice.”

    I feel a post coming on.

  4. dfordoom says:

    It is interesting to mention that, for some reason, Eastern European alt-righters still think that their greatest enemy is Russia.

    It's important to have a sense of history and to understand your history but there is a real danger of becoming a slave to history. Whatever differences Poland and Russia may have had in the past Russia is not the danger Poland has to worry about today.

    Russophobia has blinded eastern Europe to the fact that they face real dangers and those dangers are from NATO, the United States and western liberal culture. But too many of them just can't see it, and they can't see that eastern Europe and Russia have the same enemy.

    It's much the same with the British. Their Russophobia goes back two hundred years. It's a major reason for their slavish subservience to the US. They're still locked in to the mindset that Russia is a threat to the British Empire. In fact it was the United States that destroyed the British Empire.

  5. Well, I see nothing wrong with the general Polish public detesting us. After all, we defeated them quite a lot, and brought them to their knees, and split them more than once, etc. etc. But then, this is what you get for coming to Moscow with arms and burning the city. We fought each other, we didn't let them become the great power of Eastern Europe, and became the great power ourselves. I understand why their folk dislikes us. What I don't understand is why their alt-righters still can't see that we have to defend ourselves from Cultural Marxism together. Otherwise, we'll just end up brought down one after another, and then nobody would care who's right and who's wrong. The same can be said about Romania, Czech Republic and the rest. I could probably understand why they see us as a threat if the Eastern European countries were divided and helpless, but they see us as a №1 threat even if they create Intermarium. They seem totally blind to me.

    Well, actually, Stalin helped the US to bring down the British Empire, but yes, all in all it was the US that basically colonized Britain. But then, we never really thought about the Brits as of close allies. We never really had the illusion. Brits approve of nobody.

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