what the world needs is less love and understanding

It’s becoming increasingly obvious that what the world needs is a whole lot less love and understanding.

We’ve tried the love and understanding and compassion thing. We have compassion oozing out of every pore. We’ve tried treating criminals with compassion. It doesn’t work. Putting people in prison stops them from committing crimes. Compassion doesn’t.

We’ve tried treating sexual deviants with love and understanding. They respond not just by preying on our children, but by demanding that we should celebrated their predations.

We’ve tried compassion as a basis for foreign policy. We’ve had humanitarian interventions, which usually leave behind chaos and misery. The West has given away billions in foreign aid. On balance it’s made things worse.

Love and understanding is what you get when a society becomes hopelessly feminised. Women believe that problems can be fixed by love and understanding. That’s why rational societies don’t let women run things. They confine women to the domestic sphere, where love and understanding actually works.

What we actually need is a much greater sense of duty, and responsibility, and an acceptance of the necessity for moral rules. We need a willingness to punish wrong-doing. We need to accept that bad behaviour (including sexual misconduct) should have unpleasant consequences. Bad behaviour should not be rewarded with hugs.

Tolerance is another word for not caring. A tolerant society is a society that just doesn’t care.

Whenever you see love and understanding starting to blossom, step on them.


2 comments on “what the world needs is less love and understanding

  1. Amfortas says:

    I would agree were the 'Love, Compassion and Understanding' practiced by Governments and the general hoi poloi not quite a long way from what the words actually mean. The real meanings have now't to do with 'feminisation' although the current conventional usages do.

  2. James Higham says:

    “Tolerance is another word for not caring.”

    You're waxing lyrical of late. 🙂

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