proof that western civilisation is the best civilisation

It’s all too easy to give in to despair and to think that western civilisation is not worth saving. And then along comes an inspiring story like this one.

In the Netherlands they’ve made a major breakthrough in the treatment of chronic depression. They’ve discovered a permanent cure. They kill the depressed person.

Stuart Schneiderman’s Enough Therapy blog has the story.

The Dutch, being a beacon of enlightened liberalism, not only kill the depressed patient, they make a media circus of it. I mean if you’re going to start killing off patients why not turn it into entertainment?

Of course whenever the legalisation of euthanasia becomes a political issue its proponents always reassure us that it will only apply to terminally ill people with absolutely no chance of recovery. There’s no way that a physically healthy 29-year-old woman would be put to death just because she was depressed. They won’t happen. There will be safeguards!

And there’s always some boring conservative who will try to suggest that maybe it’s a slippery slope and that maybe legalised euthanasia will end up as a means of liquidating inconvenient and annoying members of society. The conservative will of course be ridiculed in the media and ignored. And the warning about the slippery slope always turns out to be true.

It’s worth pointing out that this is not an isolated case. The Dutch have a regular production line going. Euthanasia is a growth industry.

But you can’t stand in the way of progress. Older treatments were not always guaranteed to be effective. With euthanasia there’s no chance whatsoever of a relapse. You could think of it as a final solution to the problem of depression.

Western civilisation is just so cool!


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