should we even bother to vote?

We’re having an election in Australia and I’m finding it pretty hard to care.

More and more it seems that voting is not merely futile but counter-productive. We all know that whichever way we vote it’s not going to make a difference. When we vote we’re like the gambler who knows the game is rigged but he plays anyway because it’s the only game in town. We know we can’t win but we can’t give up that illusion that maybe this time it will work. This time it will make a difference. This time we won’t get betrayed. But we get betrayed anyway.

The futility of voting is not the problem. We do lots of things that are futile. The problem with voting is that we’re not making a choice Party X and Party Y (which are both the same anyway). What we’re doing is casting a vote in favour of a corrupt system. What we’re doing is lending legitimacy to a system that has no actual legitimacy. It’s a system that was never intended to be anything other than an illusion, a way of making us think we had political power when in fact we don’t. When we vote we are in effect saying that we’re satisfied with the system. We’re happy to continue to live in a world of illusions.

We convince ourselves that by voting we can somehow change things for the better, even if only in an infinitesimally small way. But we are actually making things worse, no matter which way we vote.

4 comments on “should we even bother to vote?

  1. I don't know about the current Australian situation, but surely voting for Brexit and Trump wasn't futile. Sure, they're trying to sink Brexit now, and Trump did very little good, but it can hardly be called voting in favour of a corrupt system, because this system clearly finds Brexit and Trump problematic – or, at the very least, unwelcome.There are obviously alternative elites present in the West today, and they want to dismantle the Left, and they're having an extremely hard time at it. People can't do much when elites fight. But at least they can do so much as to cast a ballot for something like Brexit or Trump.

  2. dfordoom says:

    I don't know about the current Australian situation, but surely voting for Brexit and Trump wasn't futile.I think it's unlikely that Brexit will happen. It's been made very clear that the elites regard the will of the people with contempt. Even if it does happen I think Britons will be very very disappointed with the results. My feeling is that people who voted for Brexit were voting against the dramatic social changes which they felt had been imposed on them against their will. Not just immigration but also the destruction of traditional values, the family etc. Brexit in fact is most likely to lead to an enormous increase in Third World immigration. And it's not going to do anything to restore the country to the kind of civilsed society that it once was. Britain will go on becoming increasingly decadent and increasingly totalitarian.Trump doesn't appear to have achieved anything worthwhile at all. The degeneration of American society and culture seems to have accelerated.

  3. I've said it here once, but I'll say it again: you want to see too much and too quickly. Be patient, and have some reasonable hope. It is obvious that there are counter-elites, and they're trying to begin to do something, but they face enormous pressure from the army of the Left. You really can't expect them to achieve any visible success in only 3-4 years time after 50-60 years of Leftist rule. And if you won't even try to vote for measures and politicians that Leftists clearly hate you won't even do little for those counter-elites.

  4. ddd says:

    I agree with the Russian guy. Christians subverted an empire over several hundred years. No one could have predicted it. A real morality will overtake Leftist-Mass-Immigration-Capitalist morality. Unfortunately, the West will have lost large parts of its social capital by then. Much like the decadence of Rome made it ripe for Christian morality. Everyone, both Leftists and others, know our system is broken. Leftists state some rational Utopian socialist system is the answer, but they don't really believe it. It's just a way of them feeling self-righteous, blaming others, and escaping the reality of the situation.

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