evangelical atheism

One of the many unsettling features of life in the West today is that atheists on the whole are more religious than Christians.
Over the past couple of decades atheism has been taking on more and more of the characteristics of a religion. When you talk to n atheist these days it’s obvious that their faith is very important to them. This is very odd indeed. There have always been atheists but atheists who display all the classic features of religious enthusiasm and religious extremism used to be comparatively rare. Most atheists used to be motivated by scepticism. Atheists today are increasingly motivated by faith.
Atheists have also become extremely defensive. The fact that some people still believe in God angers them. They regard religious belief in the way the Catholic Church used to regard heresy – as something threatening that needs to be stamped out.
We have also seen the curious phenomenon of evangelical atheism. A growing proportion of atheists have become aggressive proselytisers.
What’s most disturbing about this is that atheism has adopted all the worst features of organised religion without any of religion’s compensating good features. Atheists have become religious bigots. They seek to impose their beliefs and their values on others.
By comparison Christians today seem at best lukewarm about their faith. Most of the established churches have largely abandoned actual Christianity in favour of a vaguely spiritual warm and fuzzy socialism. It is increasingly rare to find Christian clergymen who are prepared to defend their beliefs. Instead they seem obsessed by the desire to compromise with their enemies, to the point that they are prepared to surrender on virtually every point.
The dangerous thing about evangelical atheism is that it is usually accompanied by evangelical leftism. Leftism of course has always been a religion. People do not adopt leftist beliefs for logical reasons. They are motivated by an unfortunate mixture of guilt, self-hatred and self-righteousness. leftism is fundamentally irrational.
Adding evangelical atheism makes the mixture even more toxic. It produces a truly demoralising belief system. You just have to ask yourself when was the last time you met a happy atheist. Atheism has not only become a religion, it has become a religion of anger, misery and despair.