the things left unsaid

It’s often the things that are not said that are more revealing than the things that are said. This is especially true when applied to liberals.
One interesting example is environmentalists and overpopulation. Remember when greenies were obsessed with the population explosion? It was going to be worst thing ever  and it was going to kill the planet and we were all going to die. Environmentalists don’t talk very much about that subject these days. The reason in this case is obvious. To talk about overpopulation would be racist!
They’re particularly keen to avoid discussing immigration. If they did discuss it they would have to face up to one very embarrassing hatefact – if millions of people move from the Third World to the First World those people are going to have a much bigger impact on the environment. They’re going to consume a lot more electricity. They’re going to want to buy cars. A lot more fossil fuels are going to be burnt. If there was any truth to global warming then these immigrants would logically accelerate the process. 
There are two conclusions one can draw from this. Either environmentalists don’t really believe in global warming, or they’re quite happy to see the planet die as long as they are not seen to be racist.
The other interesting example of things left unsaid involves feminists and pornography. I’ve been reminded of this by a recent post at Upon Hope. Feminists have always been divided on this issue but until fairly recently there was a very significant segment of the feminist movement (in fact the dominant segment) that was bitterly opposed to pornography. They argued that pornography objectified women, encouraged violence against women, oppressed women, was an insult to women, etc etc.
These days feminists have gone strangely quiet on this issue. Which is odd. At the time when they were enthusiastically crusading against it pornography was not all that big a problem. Today it’s a very big problem indeed. It’s all-pervasive, the evidence that it causes harm is much stronger and it’s almost impossible (indeed it’s probably quite impossible) to keep such material out of the hands of children. So why has the feminist sisterhood gone strangely quiet on this topic? Have they changed their minds? Do younger feminists simply not care? Are they so driven by hatred for our civilisation that they welcome anything that will undermine that civilisation, even if it harms women in the process?
There is another possible reason. They may have backed down in the face of opposition from the LGBTQWERTY lobby (with which feminism has an uneasy relationship to say the least). Any crackdown on pornography could not in practice be confined to a crackdown on heterosexual pornography. It would have to include material involving various forms of sexual deviance. But that would be homophobic, transphobic, queerphobic and all sorts of other phobics.
And the unpleasant truth for feminists is that LGBTQWERTY “rights” trump women’s rights. Feminists are at the absolute bottom of the victim hierarchy. So the explanation might have more to do with cowardice than hypocrisy.
It’s always worth taking note of the things liberals do not say. They tend to be very revealing. They also suggest that there are major fault lines within the left-liberal establishment, fault lines that might well widen considerably at some future time.

global warming – the King Canute option and the sensible option

James E McConnell, King Canute Defies the Waves.
It seems to me that most of the arguments over “climate change” miss the point. You can argue indefinitely about whether human actions have any influence on climate. Climate is so complicated that it is unlikely that we will ever know.
There are some much more important questions we need to ask. If climate does change is there anything we can do about it? If so, what exactly should we do?
Of course there is one thing we do know. Climate does change. We are living in the Quaternary Ice Age, characterised by a series of glacial periods and interglacial periods. Since there have been eight glacial cycles in the past 740,000 years it’s reasonable to assume there will be more. We also know there are short-term cycles, over a period of centuries, which produce events such as the Medieval Warm Period and the Little Ice Age.
We have no idea how far we are into our current interglacial period. It could come to an end in 100 years, 1,000 years or 10,000 years. We do not know if we are heading for the equivalent of another Medieval Warm Period or another Little Ice Age.
We do not know why ice ages occur. There are numerous hypotheses, all of them interesting and all of them unproven.
Given that climate change has occurred and will occur again, what can we do about it? We can try to stop the climate from changing. That would be astronomically expensive and probably about as effective as King Canute’s efforts to prevent the tide from coming in. The only difference is that Canute knew the effort was futile (he was demonstrating the powerlessness of man compared to the power of God). 
There is another option. We can learn to adapt. That would have two advantages – it would be a lot cheaper and it would probably work. If we want to be able to ride out changes in climate we need efficient agriculture, economic prosperity, high technology and plentiful supplies of cheap energy. The Little Ice Age caused a good deal of misery and a number of serious famines. With high technology and cheap abundant energy such misery could easily be avoided. With economic prosperity and enough cheap energy any change in climate would be survivable and would be survivable with minimal suffering.
Unfortunately the misguided attempts by politically motivated environmentalist fools to prevent the tide from coming in will have the effect of wrecking any chances of economic prosperity. And those same attempts will also deprive us of the cheap energy we will need. One thing we can say for an absolute certainty – solar power and wind power are abject failures. We need technologies that actually work, not pipe dreams.
We may have nothing to worry about. The next glacial period might be thousands of years away. Any climate change in the immediate future might be so mild as to be no problem at all. It doesn’t matter. If we concentrate on economic prosperity and cheap energy we’ll still be better off. On the other hand if we waste trillions of dollars on futile attempts to control the climate we could cause economic chaos which would result in untold human misery, and with nothing whatever to show for it.
For a country like Australia there is another point to consider. Nothing that Australia does will have the slightest effect on the climate. Even in the unlikely event that carbon emissions prove to be harmful our contribution is so insignificant as to be meaningless. We could sabotage our economy to placate the green scaremongers and it wouldn’t make the slightest difference anyway. On the other hand a prosperous Australia with plenty of cheap energy could be a beacon of hope. All we need are leaders smart enough to realise that giving in to the demands of warmist alarmists will do a great deal more harm than good. Unfortunately there is no sign of such smart leaders emerging. 

the liberal jihad

It is only when you understand that modern liberalism is not a political ideology but a religion that you can comprehend the liberal attitude towards dissent. To modern liberals, dissent is not dissent. It is heresy. It is sin. To disagree with liberal dogma is evil.
This also explains why modern liberals want to control every aspect of our lives. They live in constant fear of falling into sin. The only way to avoid sin is by constant vigilance. And sin is regarded as an infectious disease. If one person is allowed to maintain a sinful viewpoint or to live a sinful life is a threat to the entire Church of Liberalism. It is not enough for heretics to be marginalised and harassed – heresy must be utterly exterminated. The suppression of heresy is a religious duty. When liberals seek to destroy freedom of speech, when they seek to destroy academic freedom, when they force dissenters to conform to liberal orthodoxy, they are acting out of a sense of religious obligation. To show tolerance or mercy would be to betray their religious faith.
If liberalism were really a political ideology liberals would not be concerned by the existence of dissent. As long as a political party or movement can command the majority vote the existence of a dissenting minority is an irrelevance. But that’s not how liberals see it. Any dissenting minority must be extirpated or forced into conformity. The survival of even one heretic is an affront to religious truth. Every single heretic must be forced to recant.
Liberalism as religion also explains the attitude of one of the leading liberal sects, environmentalism, towards science. They tell us that as far as global warming is concerned the science is settled. The notion that science can ever be settled is a fundamentally unscientific and anti-scientific notion. It is a religious notion. There is no need to look for scientific evidence. Global warming is a revealed truth. It cannot be questioned. It is not subject to doubt. All that is required is faith. And religious discipline.
Liberalism today is more like a jihad than a political ideology. It is a war on unbelievers.

the never-ending spiral in energy prices

So we got a letter today informing us of yet another huge increase in electricity prices.

My prediction is that the Abbott Government will not win a second term unless it does something to halt the insane spiral in energy prices. A spiral driven entirely by the deluded apocalyptic fantasies of the green moonbats.

The disastrous Budget may have already doomed the Abbott Government, a budget that did nothing to address the real issues of insane government spending. The ABC is to be permitted to go on wasting $1.4 billion a year of taxpayers’ money. Arts bludgers continue to live off the fat of the land on their arts grants. Money is still being wasted on environmental silliness.

If this proves to be a one-term government they will have nobody to blame but themselves.

Nazi greens

R. Mark Musser’s book Nazi Oaks points out the chilling links between environmentalists and the Nazis in pre-war Germany. Even more chillingly it demonstrates that the mindset of radical environmentalists is astonishingly similar to the Nazi mindset.
Hitler’s National Socialist government was the greenest government in human history up to that point. It was not just that environmentalists joined the Nazi Party in huge numbers. The senior Nazis were almost without exception fanatical environmentalists. Hitler, Himmler, Rudolf Hess and Goering were all ardent greens.
The concept of lebensraum was essentially an environmentalist concept.
A recurring obsession among Nazis was what they saw as the problem of overpopulation. They believed cities were the source of much of the evil in the world. The German people would be much healthier if they returned to a rural existence. The problem with that is that quite obviously there were far too many Germans to make it a practical solution. That’s where the concept of lebensraum came in. If Poland and the Ukraine could be emptied of their existing populations there would be plenty of room to allow the majority of Germans to return to an idyllic rural existence.
Of course you have to some kind of pretext for removing those existing populations. That presented no problem. If Jews and Slavs were not really human, if they were subhuman (untermensch), then there could be no objection to removing them. And how to remove them? That was no real problem either. If these populations were subhuman there was no reason why they could not be used as slave labour. Those who were not suitable for such labour could simply be exterminated in the same way that a gamekeeper exterminates vermin. Those who were used as slave labour would be worked to death and within a few years they would have been effectively exterminated as well.
The Nazis also intended to thin out the population of Germany itself by eradicating all those who were deemed to be either useless or antisocial. Hence the Nazi euthanasia laws. Those who were unfit either physically or morally would be shipped off to the death camps.
It should be noted that the Nazi plans for reducing the population to what they considered to be an optimal size were not entirely based on race. Jews, Slavs and Gypsies were not the only ones shipped off to the death camps. Ideological enemies of the Nazis were also marked for extermination. This is a point we need to keep clearly in mind.
Modern greens have a chillingly similar view. They also see overpopulation as the biggest problem. If the planet is to be returned to the state of a pristine wilderness then obviously most of the human population will have to be removed. Whenever they are asked how this can possibly be achieved they became, not surprisingly, very evasive. It is fairly clear that they hope that abortion and euthanasia will do part of the job but when the objective is to remove 95% of the human population (and this is in line with the stated objectives of many green groups) then it’s obvious that more drastic measures will be needed.
The ground is already being prepared for those more drastic measures. There is a growing demand among environmentalists for climate change deniers to be imprisoned. It is not difficult to predict that the next step will be to strip climate change deniers of their civil and legal rights. Once that is done then the greens will have succeeded in isolating and dehumanising a large slice of the population, turning them in effect into untermensch.
And if climate change deniers are stripped of their rights, then surely it is only right and proper that anyone defined as being racist, sexist or homophobic should be accorded the same treatment. That’s where the environmentalists’ alliance with other extremist leftist groups such as gay activists and hardline feminists will prove to be very useful. There are lots of ideological enemies who can be turned into untermensch, just as the Nazis found lots of ideological enemies they could dehumanise in the same manner.
You might think this is all very far-fetched. And it is, except for one thing. It’s already beginning to happen. The groundwork has already been laid.

big business and the Cultural Left

This cover of Bloomberg Businessweek with its farrago of nonsense about global warming is a prime example of possibly the most frightening development of recent years, the way in which the business sector has caved in completely to the environmentalists and to the Cultural Left in general. Not only have they caved in, big business openly colludes with these leftist nutters in their efforts to trash our civilisation.

Big business has convinced itself that its best chance of survival is to surrender totally to the Cultural Marxists. This is a spectacular and tragic mistake. The Left has changed its tactics but its ultimate objective remains the same – absolute and unlimited state power. Free markets cannot survive long once the Left achieves this objective.

This error has also been made by neo-conservatives in general who believe they can allow the Cultural Left to win every battle in the Culture Wars. They believe, wrongly, that the Culture wars don’t matter. They fail to perceive that the Culture Wars were only even intended by the Left as the first step with the ultimate goal being socialism.

The business sector will learn the hard way that the Left never compromises. Every surrender to their demands is simply the prelude to further demands.

the green nazis’ plans for humanity

This is the chilling future the green nazis have in mind for us. We will be expected to embrace the idea of living lives of poverty, filth and misery, without heating and with very little food. And we will be expected to welcome this as a good thing. We must all reduce our “ecological footprint” to the level of the poorest nations on Earth. And the poor nations must resign themselves to remaining poor for ever, in the interests of “biodiversity.”

This is the agenda of the hardline eco-fascist World Wildlife Fund. What they are planning is nothing less  than the greatest crime against humanity in human history. This is evil on a scale the Nazis could only dream of. They intend to take away all hope from the human species. This is a hate crime, make no mistake about it.

no future for democracy if environmentalists get their way

Anyone naïve enough to think the Left believes in democracy should read Peter C. Glover’s recent article The Rise of Leftist Eco-Fascism. Prison or possibly even execution for global warming sceptics and an end to democracy – that’s the Green Left’s agenda.
It looks like the greenies will be re-opening Belsen soon. And no, I’m not joking. 

Planned Parenthood’s racist genocidal roots

Planned Parenthood is one of the Left’s favourite organisations. They will do anything to defend the largest abortion provider in the US. What the Left doesn’t want people to know is that Planned Parenthood was from its inception deeply imbued with a racist authoritarian ethos.

The founder of Margaret Sanger was an enthusiast for eugenics. Her aim in setting up the organisation was to conduct a genocidal war against those she considered to be unfit – primarily the working class and black people.

That’s bad enough, but racism is not just part of this organisation’s murky past. Planned Parenthood is still targeting minorities, especially blacks.

Sanger didn’t just hate poor people and blacks though. She combined racism with anti-Catholic bigotry.

Planned Parenthood has been an enthusiastic supporter of President Obama. Obama of course is strongly pro-abortion, in spite of the fact that a black baby is much more likely to be aborted than a white baby. Life is full of little ironies, isn’t it?

It should be pointed out that Planned Parenthood is not alone in this. The whole birth control movement has its roots in eugenics.

Nor is the abortion industry the only offender. They have much in common with the environmentalists. If you go back to the 1970s when the environmentalists first started to become hysterical about “overpopulation” it was obvious that much of the motivation behind their campaign was racist. As it still is. When greens today tell us that the world’s population needs to be reduced what they mean is that lots of unnecessary people need to be exterminated. And it goes without saying that the people to be exterminated won’t include green supporters who are overwhelmingly white and middle-class.

Elitism is as characteristic of the Left as hypocrisy, and always has been.