health is the new morality

There was a time when the measure of morality was sexual behaviour, getting married and raising kids, being honest and generally treating people decently. Now the measure of morality is physical health.

If you’re obese, or even overweight, that’s seen as somehow immoral. If you don’t conform to some nonsensical body mass index you’re a bad person. If you don’t exercise you’re wicked. If, God forbid, you drink alcohol and smoke cigarettes (both perfectly legal activities) you’re beyond the Pale. Even smoking in the open air is now immoral.

If you eat cheeseburgers and fries instead of tofu and mung beans, and drink coffee instead of carrot juice, you’re committing health-crime. It’s regarded in the same way that sexual deviance was regarded in the 50s. Pretty soon you’ll have to buy your cheeseburger in a plain brown wrapper and sneak it home to eat in private so no-one will witness your perverted behaviour.

Even worse we are increasingly prepared to let the government tell us what we should eat and when we should exercise. Leftists love this idea because it’s all about control and it gives the government more power. And it provides opportunities for new bureaucracies to  be set up. Bureaucracies that will be inefficient, wasteful, intrusive and totally unnecessary – everything the Left loves.

Of course as with anything the Left embraces with enthusiasm there’s always an anti-capitalist agenda in there somewhere. In this case it’s the hysteria about fast food. Leftists hate fast food because it’s fast, convenient, cheap, nourishing and it tastes good. Fast food companies make money because they’re efficient and they give customers what they want. That goes against everything the Left stands for. Fast food is great for families and the Left is not exactly big on the idea of families.

There’s a reason why there’s a Burger King but no Tofu King. It’s because burgers taste great while tofu tastes like cardboard. Eating a burger is enjoyable so it must be bad. The Nanny State should do something about this. And it will. If we let it. And it appears that we will.