when moonbats meet reality

The global warming scam is clearly unravelling, and unravelling fast. And as the global economy edges closer to collapse voters everywhere are becoming more focused on real issues and less interested in greenie fantasies.

Increasingly panicky governments are also starting to look askance at economy-destroying extremist green policies. Even the wishy-washy Cameron government in Britain is cutting back on funding for useless wind farms.

Leftist governments have a further problem. Growing unemployment and declining living standards, essential components of the green agenda, are likely to be increasingly resisted by unions. The Left might dream longingly of the destruction of the wicked capitalist system but leftist politicians will put their careers first. Even someone like Obama will put re-election before his yearning to destroy America.

Environmentalism is a luxury for wealthy guilt-ridden middle-class white people. When economic catastrophe looms the rest of the populace will choose jobs and schools and hospitals in preference to windmills and massively subsidised electric cars.

If political survival means ditching green policies we all know what choice politicians will make.

So what will be the response of the green extremists to all this? My prediction is that they will become much more angry, much more extreme and much more strident. They are also likely, like the Occupy Wall Street scum, to become increasingly violent.

moonbat actor named Australian of the Year

So actor Geoffrey Rush has been named Australian of the Year. For services to political correctness, presumably. The moonbat actor has made it clear that he intends to use the award to advance the current government’s far left agenda on illegal immigrants, climate change, gay marriage and the rewriting of Australian history to make it more PC.

He claimed he would not see the award as “a licence to pontificate” and immediately started to pontificate on issues about which he clearly knows nothing other than the accepted left-wing political line.

It’s more proof that actors should stick to acting and leave politics to the grown-ups.

This is truly a shameful episode. The Australian of the Year awards have been exposed as a political sham.