Trump, neocons and the Left

The 2016 presidential election in the US continues to provide amusement and amazement (mixed with a certain amount of despair). The most interesting thing about it is that the most left-wing of all the candidates is Donald Trump.
The US is now controlled entirely by the neocons. They are the ones calling the shots. They have the influence and they have the money behind them. Both major parties have embraced the neocon philosophy lock, stock and barrel. The differences between a Ted Cruz or a Marco Rubio and a Hillary Clinton are merely cosmetic.
There’s a popular theory that neocons are closet leftists, that they are essentially rebranded Trotskyists. I don’t buy this. There’s nothing remotely left-wing about neocons. The “neocons are leftists in disguise” theory is based on neocon support for identity politics movements. In fact of course neocons couldn’t care less about blacks or homosexuals or any other victim groups. Neocons employ these victim groups as useful idiots. Neocons care about three things – global capitalism, war and Israel.
Neocons are perhaps best thought of as representing the extreme end of the far right. 
This does not imply that neocons are conservatives. They are not conservatives in any way, shape or form. They are right-wing, but not conservative. They represent the radical right.
Ironically the modern political parties that get labelled as far right are in truth centre-left or even further left. They represent leftist nationalism. Which makes sense. Leftist policies can only work in relatively homogenous stable societies. Mass immigration simply makes leftist policies impossible. A leftist who embraces globalism is living in a dream world.
In the 1930s the far right was identified with nationalism (not always correctly since many of the far right political parties of the 30s were a mix of left and right wing ideologies). Today the far right (the neocons) embrace globalism and hate nationalism with a passion. Leftists in Europe may be finally beginning to awaken to the reality that they must embrace nationalism. Leftists in the US don’t count since they are such a tiny and insignificant minority (a few ageing Marxist university professors and that’s about it). The US Democratic Party is most emphatically not a leftist party. It’s a neocon party.
Any kind of leftist political agenda is impossible without a fairly stable homogenous population and strong border controls. A conservative agenda is equally impossible without those elements. On the other hand a radical right-wing agenda (as promoted by the neocons) is not only possible, such an agenda actually requires population instability, mass immigration and open borders.
The radical right-wing agenda of the neocons may be the most destructive ideology yet seen in the West. It remains to be seen whether an alliance can be forge between genuine leftists and genuine conservatives.
The almost hysterical hatred displayed by neocons towards Donald Trump has one major cause – whatever Trump might be he is not a neocon. The great fear of the neocons is not right-wing populism – it is the possibility of a populism that combines both left-wing and conservative values.

Culture Wars, neocons and Kumbaya Christianity

It’s clear that the Culture Wars are all but lost. We have maybe ten years left to turn things around but it seems increasingly unlikely that’s going to happen.
The obvious response would be to blame the Left. I don’t agree. I believe the Culture Wars have been lost because they have never truly been fought. They have never truly been fought because the conservative side has been betrayed from within. More specifically, betrayed by the neocons and by Kumbaya Christianity.
Every battle that has been lost has been lost because two groups that should have fighting against the Cultural Marxist agenda failed to show up on the battlefield. The two groups concerned are the mainstream conservative political parties and the churches.
The mainstream conservative political parties turned traitor because they were hopelessly infected by neocon thinking. Neoconservatism is a philosophy that reduces everything to money. It is even more blindly materialistic and economically reductionist than classical Marxism. Neocons don’t care about social issues or morality because they can’t be measured in monetary terms therefore they don’t exist. Actually it’s worse than that – neocons are likely to support the Cultural Marxist agenda because they see a short-term political advantage in doing so. Not only are they unlikely to show up on the battlefield – if they do show up they will probably fight on the side of the Cultural Marxists.
The neocons have also discredited conservative political parties by encouraging the view that such parties are simply the parties of greed. 
The rise of Kumbaya Christianity has destroyed Christianity as a force capable of opposing Cultural Marxism. Kumbaya Christianity is based on a tragic delusion – that if Christianity can be transformed into a feel-good bleeding heart social movement stripped of any genuine religious content then suddenly the churches will be full again. In fact the mainstream churches are more empty than ever. As a result of this delusion Christian churches have been at best lukewarm allies in the struggle against Cultural Marxism. At worst they have outright traitors.
If there is to be any hope at all of preventing final defeat we need to recognise neocons and Kumbaya Christianity as being more dangerous enemies than the Left. We need to recognise that neocons are not conservatives and that Kumbaya Christianity is not Christianity.