Victims of Communism Day

If you’re a communist May Day is a day for celebration. If you’re a decent human being on the other hand then it’s more appropriate to join Ilya Somin in renaming it Victims of Communism Day. A day to remember the 80 to 100 million people killed by communism.

It’s even more appropriate since this evil ideology is not dead. Far from it. It has simply gone under cover. It has adopted a number of disguises. The communist threat is as real as ever but today the threat comes from communist and Trotskyist fronts like the Occupy Wall Street movement and the “green” movement. The threat comes from the cultural marxists in our schools and universities, in our governments and our bureaucracy, and in the mainstream media. Communism is more dangerous than ever.

Their agenda has not changed. Their use of apparently innocuous front organisations has not changed.

politics and the mob

The French Revolution did not invent the mob, but it did perhaps invent the political mob. Or at least the mob as a tool of those with a political agenda. The French Revolution led to chaos, mass murder and eventually tyranny. The mob’s record has not improved since then.

The Communist and National Socialist gangs who battled it out on the streets of Weimar Germany were the direct descendants of the thuggish sans-culottes of the French Revolution. The appearance of the mob rarely leads to happy results. The mob is essentially fascistic. Violence and intimidation are its methods. Mobs represent the triumph of irrationality and hate. Those who believe in democracy, free debate and political freedom are the victims of mobs, not the instigators. Those who see mobs as demonstrations of “people power” inhabit a dream world.

The student radicals of the 60s were part of the same historical pattern. Once again their methods were violence and intimidation. They were not motivated by a desire for open debate. Their objective was to shut down opposition, not to promote the free exchange of ideas. They were the instruments of the hard left.

The hard left has always gravitated towards political thuggery. They have routinely used mobs as a weapon against freedom of speech. Indeed they have played a major part in transforming universities into bastions of intolerance where dissent is ruthlessly suppressed.

The most recent descendants of the Revolutionary mob are the thugs of the Occupy Wall Street movement. The only real difference is that the OWS mobs are dirtier than most. They are as fascistic as their forebears.

The reason that Tea Party rallies do not descend into thuggery is that violence and intimidation are not the natural weapons of those who believe in freedom. They are the natural weapons of those behind the Occupy Wall Street movement. Unwashed hippies are always fascists at heart.

when moonbats meet reality

The global warming scam is clearly unravelling, and unravelling fast. And as the global economy edges closer to collapse voters everywhere are becoming more focused on real issues and less interested in greenie fantasies.

Increasingly panicky governments are also starting to look askance at economy-destroying extremist green policies. Even the wishy-washy Cameron government in Britain is cutting back on funding for useless wind farms.

Leftist governments have a further problem. Growing unemployment and declining living standards, essential components of the green agenda, are likely to be increasingly resisted by unions. The Left might dream longingly of the destruction of the wicked capitalist system but leftist politicians will put their careers first. Even someone like Obama will put re-election before his yearning to destroy America.

Environmentalism is a luxury for wealthy guilt-ridden middle-class white people. When economic catastrophe looms the rest of the populace will choose jobs and schools and hospitals in preference to windmills and massively subsidised electric cars.

If political survival means ditching green policies we all know what choice politicians will make.

So what will be the response of the green extremists to all this? My prediction is that they will become much more angry, much more extreme and much more strident. They are also likely, like the Occupy Wall Street scum, to become increasingly violent.

SOPA and online gangsterism

This whole SOPA business, and the hysterical reaction to it from sites like wikipedia, amazes me. There seems to be little appreciation of the fact that piracy is not merely criminal, it is gangsterism on a huge scale. There’s no moral difference between the online pirates of today and the racketeers of the past.

Not that I feel any great sympathy for the music industry or for Hollywood. Personally I’d be delighted to see a moral sewer like Hollywood go under. But I feel even less sympathy for online pirates, or for sites that really have no legitimate purpose other than to facilitate piracy and that makes millions out of it.

It seems to me to be a symptom of a very disturbing disease – the culture of geek entitlement, the belief of a frighteningly large proportion of the online world that it’s perfectly OK to just steal stuff if you can’t afford to buy it. Or even that it’s perfectly OK to just steal stuff even if you can afford to buy it.

It’s the same mindset that drives the Occupy Wall Street scum, that the world owes them a living. Overgrown spoilt babies who gleefully loot the candy store then cry when there’s no more candy left to steal.