the west’s dangerous fantasy about Islam and democracy

Few things are more disheartening than the west’s naïvety about the Islamic world. There are people in the west who genuinely believe that the overthrow of Assad in Syria will automatically lead to peace, freedom and democracy.

You would think that events in Egypt, where we now face the prospect of a dangerously unhinged extreme Islamist government, would have convinced even liberals that supporting “pro-democracy” forces in the Arab world is dangerous folly. But the fantasy of the Arab Spring remains unshaken.

The news media tells people that the forces opposing Assad are freedom-loving democrats and people believe them. In fact of course any genuine believers in western liberalism or democracy in the Arab world are a minority who are completely out of touch with reality. When elections were held in Egypt they got an unpleasant reality check. All their friends on facebook were liberals so they innocently assumed that represented the feelings of the country at large.

If Assad falls we can look forward to another Arab Islamist nation dedicated to the destruction of western civilisation.

The west’s naïvety about Iran’s nuclear weapons program is even more terrifying. It’s not just a remote possibility that Iran might use nuclear weapons against Israel. It’s an absolute certainty. They see it as a religious duty. They’re not worried about the consequences because Allah will ensure their triumph. They are convinced that the moral weakness of the West has progressed to the point where western nations will simply stand by and watch as they attempt to destroy Israel. And they’re almost certainly correct.

Even Neville Chamberlain wasn’t that dumb. While he practised his disastrous policy of appeasement Britain was frantically re-arming. They hoped for peace, but prepared for war. Today the west hopes for peace, and prepares for surrender.