conservatives, liberals and authority figures

One of the great weaknesses of the conservative mindset is a certain habitual obsequiousness towards authority figures. There’s a tendency to assume that authority figures are fine people doing a good job and that they deserve respect.

Maybe there was a time when this was reasonable. Maybe there was a time when most authority figures were honest and trustworthy and concerned with doing the right thing. I don’t think it’s likely that this was ever the case but I’m prepared to admit the possibility that there was a time when it was at least partly true. What is beyond question is that to assume the trustworthiness of authority figures today is naïve to an almost pitiful degree.

In the past few years dissident rightists have started to realise that authority figures are not on their side. Mainstream conservatives however cling to their child-like faith in authority (they tend to positively grovel when they see a uniform) and even some dissident rightists still fall into the trap of being too trusting of authority.

The sad fact is that these days practically everyone in a position  of authority is either a liberal/globalist true believer or someone who has willingly sold his soul to liberalism/globalism for the sake of career advancement. If you are a police officer, a judge, a bureaucrat, an elected official, a church leader, then you serve the liberal/globalist Establishment. You serve those who have destroyed our society. You serve the enemies of civilisation. Whether you believe in the cause or evil or merely serve the cause of evil because you’re ambitious or you’re afraid of losing your job makes no difference. You are still serving evil.

It’s sad to see people who think of themselves as conservatives or traditionalists failing to understand that the levers of power are no longer in the hands of people who are on their side.

What’s rather strange and disturbing is seeing the way left-liberals have changed their view of authority. Up until a couple of decades ago any self-respecting left-liberal regarded authority with extreme suspicion. They regarded the representative of the criminal justice system with even more extreme suspicion. They considered the police (correctly) to be enemies. They considered organisations like the FBI or the CIA or MI5 to be pure evil. But liberals are more realistic than conservatives (they may be crazier than conservatives but they definitely understand reality more clearly). They understand that liberal-globalists are now the Establishment. They have abandoned any left-wing beliefs they once held and now embrace liberalism-globalism as The One True Faith. They understand that the police and the FBI and the entire intelligence/counter-intelligence community are still agents of oppression, but being faithful liberal-globalists they are now very much in favour of oppression.

I’m not sure which is more sad, the conservatives who still think a policeman is your friend and that the justice system has something to do with justice or the one-time leftists who now admire anyone in jackboots.

why the police love political correctness so much

It often amuses me, and at the same time saddens me, when people on the dissident right get all shocked and surprised whenever the police behave as enthusiastic enforcers of the new globalist/social justice order. Anti-globalist Britons in particular seem to be absolutely astonished at the way the once much-loved British bobbies have become the Rainbow Thought Police, busily hunting down anyone who fails to bow down to the dictates of political correctness.

These Britons really do seem to be unaware that Dixon of Dock Green was fiction. There’s no question that the police are today much much worse than they have ever been before, but that’s because they’ve now been let off the leash. They can now indulge their worst instincts and not escape punishment for it, they can get rewarded for it. If you want a top police job you need to have an established track record of crushing political dissent.

The root cause is a problem that has always bedevilled police forces – the sorts of people who want to become coppers are exactly the sorts of people who should never be allowed to do so. A police career attracts people who like to push other people around. It attracts bullies. It attracts people of fairly low intelligence who value the social advantages of being part of a pack. The police always end up developing an Us and Them culture because that’s inherent in the sorts of people who want to be police officers.

And ambitious officers have always understood that the best ways to secure promotion to senior rank are to learn to play politics and learn to be a faithful toady of the ruling class. They don’t care what the nature or composition of the ruling class is. As long as it’s the ruling class they will serve it. That way they get promotion and their pensions are secure.

While the police are happy to do whatever they are told to do they do genuinely love the new era of political correctness. They love it because it’s so wonderfully vague. Thought crime is whatever the ruling class decides it is. Which means in practice, on the street, thought crime is anything that a police officer decides is thought crime. They don’t have to be able to prove such charges. That’s the beauty of thought crime. You can’t prove it and you don’t have to. If you’re a cop and you accuse someone of thought crime your accusation is enough. The courts will back you up. You don’t have to concern yourself with evidence, or with respecting people’e legal rights. When it comes to political crimes evidence is irrelevant and legal rights are a fantasy. Political crimes are about power. The police have immense (and ludicrously excessive) power. Ordinary people have no power.

In practice legal rights offer protection only so long as those in power are willing to act with goodwill and in good faith.If they decide, as they have decided throughout the West, that goodwill and good faith are no longer necessary then legal rights effectively cease to exist.

You can clutch your copy of the Constitution to your breast but your constitutional rights only exist so long as those in power choose to allow them to do so.

Over the past half century we have been very foolish in allowing governments to gather to themselves an enormous amount of power to micro-manage our personal lives. Ironically this has happened at the same time as governments have largely abdicated their responsibilities to control the activities of the corporate sector. Mega-corporations can do whatever they want but ordinary people are subject to vast webs of petty regulations and bureaucratic controls and the rights of ordinary people to express any form of discontent or dissatisfaction have been almost entirely curtailed. And we have been very foolish in allowing the police to accumulate vast powers to act as enforcers of the prevailing political dogmas. If you give the police more powers they will abuse those powers. That’s what the police do. That’s simply inescapable.

victory or survival?

I am not suggesting that the war is lost or that we should give up the fight. I believe we should continue to look for strategies for victory, but I also think that we need to start considering strategies for survival. It is possible that in the short to medium term survival will be the critical question.

This is particularly true for Christians. The war on Christianity is heating up. It is obvious that the objective is now the complete destruction of Christianity.

It is vital for Christians to realise that it is not just the unholy triumvirate of government, academia and the media that they are up against. The corporate world is every bit as hostile to Christianity. The corporate world wants Christianity destroyed. There are various reasons for this but it needs to be understood that there is a fundamental hostility at work here. Capitalism wants tame workers and most of all capitalism wants willing and compliant consumers who accept that their only role is to consume. The existence of any institution that encourages people to be anything other than consumers is no longer going to be tolerated.

Christians need to realise that by and large their own church hierarchies are now firmly in the enemy camp. Perhaps that is not entirely true of the Catholic hierarchy but even in the Catholic Church resistance is crumbling at an alarming rate.

I’m not a Christian so the war on Christianity really doesn’t affect me personally but it is becoming more and more obvious that anyone who is a dissident of any description is going to have to start looking at survival strategies.

One crucial survival strategy is to learn to regard the entire state apparatus and the entire corporate world as actively malevolent. It’s not paranoia when your enemies are real and they really are out to get you. Being afraid of the secret police in the totalitarian societies of the 1930s  wasn’t paranoia, it was common sense. We live in a society today that is moving towards totalitarianism at a terrifyingly rapid pace.

If you talk to the police without a lawyer being present you are putting your own head on the chopping block. Not matter how innocuous the questions, no matter how trivial the matter seems to be, it is unbelievably foolish to answer even a single question unless your lawyer is with you. It is equally foolish to volunteer any information to any government or quasi-government body, or to any large corporation. Do not participate in any surveys or polls or academic studies. Do not reveal unnecessary personal information on social media.

It is a wise idea to minimise your interactions with government agencies.

Christians need to be exceptionally cautious about these things. If you’re a Christian and you broadcast the fact on social media without the cloak of anonymity you are giving your enemies a weapon which they will use against you, and against your family.

I have spoken in the past of the need to avoid modern popular culture. This is now more vital than ever. All modern popular culture is propaganda. All of it. Every single movie. Every single TV show. All of pop music. All fiction writing. The propaganda may be blatant or it may be subtle but you can be absolutely certain it is always there. You need to be especially vigilant in shielding your children from this poison. Thinking that you can avoid the danger merely by minimising the exposure is sheer folly. Modern popular culture is not just poison, it is a cumulative poison.

We also need to consider very carefully our attitude towards society. If society is hopelessly corrupt and vicious do we owe it any loyalty? We cannot avoid living in the society in which we find ourselves but there’s no point in deluding ourselves. Western civilisation is diseased. The main priority is to protect ourselves and avoid becoming infected.

Yes, this is a very depressing post and I will doubtless be castigated for being black-pilled but I do think we need at least to consider the possibility that the worst may come to pass. Maybe it won’t. I hope it won’t. But being prepared for it if it does happen is surely not a bad idea.