conservatives, liberals and authority figures

One of the great weaknesses of the conservative mindset is a certain habitual obsequiousness towards authority figures. There’s a tendency to assume that authority figures are fine people doing a good job and that they deserve respect.

Maybe there was a time when this was reasonable. Maybe there was a time when most authority figures were honest and trustworthy and concerned with doing the right thing. I don’t think it’s likely that this was ever the case but I’m prepared to admit the possibility that there was a time when it was at least partly true. What is beyond question is that to assume the trustworthiness of authority figures today is naïve to an almost pitiful degree.

In the past few years dissident rightists have started to realise that authority figures are not on their side. Mainstream conservatives however cling to their child-like faith in authority (they tend to positively grovel when they see a uniform) and even some dissident rightists still fall into the trap of being too trusting of authority.

The sad fact is that these days practically everyone in a position  of authority is either a liberal/globalist true believer or someone who has willingly sold his soul to liberalism/globalism for the sake of career advancement. If you are a police officer, a judge, a bureaucrat, an elected official, a church leader, then you serve the liberal/globalist Establishment. You serve those who have destroyed our society. You serve the enemies of civilisation. Whether you believe in the cause or evil or merely serve the cause of evil because you’re ambitious or you’re afraid of losing your job makes no difference. You are still serving evil.

It’s sad to see people who think of themselves as conservatives or traditionalists failing to understand that the levers of power are no longer in the hands of people who are on their side.

What’s rather strange and disturbing is seeing the way left-liberals have changed their view of authority. Up until a couple of decades ago any self-respecting left-liberal regarded authority with extreme suspicion. They regarded the representative of the criminal justice system with even more extreme suspicion. They considered the police (correctly) to be enemies. They considered organisations like the FBI or the CIA or MI5 to be pure evil. But liberals are more realistic than conservatives (they may be crazier than conservatives but they definitely understand reality more clearly). They understand that liberal-globalists are now the Establishment. They have abandoned any left-wing beliefs they once held and now embrace liberalism-globalism as The One True Faith. They understand that the police and the FBI and the entire intelligence/counter-intelligence community are still agents of oppression, but being faithful liberal-globalists they are now very much in favour of oppression.

I’m not sure which is more sad, the conservatives who still think a policeman is your friend and that the justice system has something to do with justice or the one-time leftists who now admire anyone in jackboots.


the woke, the deniers and the uneasy ones

When you spend a lot of time in those parts of the internet where the alt-righters hang out it’s easy to get the impression that victory is not only assured, but it’s just around the corner. When you’re focused on the fight to save western civilisation it’s easy to forget that most ordinary people don’t even know that civilisation is under threat.
You can divide people into several categories. The first category could I suppose be described by the terribly ugly but somewhat useful term “woke” – these are the people who not only know how bad things are, they know how and why things got to this pass and they know what needs to be done to avert disaster. Unfortunately this category amounts to a very small fraction of the population. Maybe one percent.
There’s a second category (we could call them the “deniers”) and it’s divided into sub-categories. These are the people who know how bad the problems are and they also know the hows and whys of the situation but although they know the truth they won’t admit it, not even to themselves. The first sub-category is composed of people who can’t admit the truth because it’s too upsetting to them. They want diversity to be a good thing and even though they know it’s been a disaster they still want to believe in it. They know that feminism has caused misery but they can’t accept that feminism is unworkable in its entirety.
The second sub-category is made up of people who know the truth but are too scared to admit it, to themselves or anyone else. Admitting the truth could tempt them into speaking the truth and that could cost them their jobs, their marriages, their children, their chances of ever getting another decent job. Their fears are by no means irrational.
These two categories might perhaps amount to five percent of the population, maybe slightly more, maybe even ten percent, but that’s only a guess. They’re a small but not entirely insignificant minority.
The third major category might encompass anywhere from a third to two-thirds of the population. They’re the “uneasy” ones. They know that something has gone horribly wrong with society but they don’t know how it happened or why.
The tiny minority of the “woke” is just too insignificant to make a real difference. Somehow we have to reach the people in those other categories. Unfortunately it’s easier said than done. Those who won’t accept the truth because of their fears really do have valid reasons for those fears. 
Those who won’t accept the truth because it would upset them too much present a difficult problem. People show remarkable stubbornness in clinging to beliefs that are untrue but emotionally satisfying. If those beliefs also involve major opportunities for virtue-signalling then the stubbornness becomes even more determined. It’s particularly difficult to reason with Christians who have embraced bleeding heart feelgood causes (in other words the majority of Christians). They just won’t let go of those goodfeelz. Women in general also cling tenaciously to emotionally gratifying beliefs. And so many men these days are so feminised and emasculated that they’re terrified of the very idea of considering forbidden thoughts.
Self-identified conservatives are an even bigger problem since most conservatives these days are in fact cuckservatives, or (even worse) neocons. Both are treacherous and cowardly, and thoroughly corrupt..
The uneasy ones, the ones who know society is going down the tubes but don’t know why, may be easier to reach. They’re starting to become vaguely suspicious of the media and they’re starting to suspect that maybe all the major political parties are equally bad. It’s no use trying to get them to accept the whole truth in one go. That’s scary for any body. But it might be possible to slowly and subtly undermine their faith in diversity (and many of them are already not entirely thrilled about it), and feminism, and in the goodwill and honesty of the homosexual lobby. The idea is to just chip away at these beliefs.
Of course the big problem is that the globalist liberals have the megaphone, they have not only the old media totally tied up but they have social media largely tied up as well. Reaching any of these people is not an easy matter. But somehow it has to be done.

cucks by name and cucks by nature

I disliked the term cuckservsative the first time I heard it. I’m still not totally convinced by it but I find myself using it more and more often. It’s just so damned useful.
It really does perfectly capture a certain mindset. It’s especially useful when used against weak cowardly “conservative” men. There’s the implication of a lack of manhood, and a lack of manhood is one of the biggest problems we face today. It’s not just that today’s men don’t have the guts to physically contest the invasion of their own countries and their own erasure from their society. They don’t even have the guts to stand up to verbal assaults. They’ve allowed themselves to be emasculated and cuck is somehow just the right term to describe them.
Ridicule can be a potent weapon and that makes cuck an even more useful term.
It also has the advantage that cucks hate being called cucks!

the alt-right – the new cuckservatives?

This is in response to a couple of excellent recent posts at Bloody shovel and Vanishing American.
Both posts raise issues that have been giving me great concern recently. My greatest fear has always been that conservatives might be dumb enough to buy the ridiculous idea of allying with the cultural left against immigration. This would mean that conservatives would have to accept the complete progressivist cultural agenda. Conservatives would then find themselves fighting to defend homosexual marriage, feminism and all the other evils that have undermined the foundations of western society for the past half century or so.
It was always plausible that the mainstream conservatives, those whom the alt-right like to refer to contemptuously as the cuckservatives, would fall for this. Their one infallible instinct is to surrender on any matter of principle. It’s what they have always done. It has always ended in disaster and they keep on doing it.
Post-Orlando it’s profoundly depressing to see that many people on the alt-right seem to be determined to make exactly the same mistake. They are preparing to jettison their principles in exchange for what they think will be a political advantage.
This is really no different at all from the Republican establishment saying that the Republican Party should reach out to minorities because minorities are natural Republicans. Or the party should reach out to women because women are natural Republicans. Such tactics have failed every single time.
And now we have people on the alt-right telling us the alt-right should reach out to homosexuals because homosexuals apparently are natural alt-rightists. And they can’t see the tragic irony of it all. These alt-rightists are copying the methods of the cuckservatives. 
It needs to be understood that there are certain enemies who can never ever under any circumstances be regarded as allies, not even as short-term allies. For those who care about western civilisation that means that homosexuals and feminists in particular can never under any circumstances whatsoever be allies. Homosexuals and feminists are absolutely determined to destroy our civilisation and they would be delighted to ship us off to the GULAGS. 
To pander to our most dangerous enemies is pathetic, cowardly and futile. It will backfire catastrophically.